On Bank Analyst Doesn't Believe Customer Service is Worth It

He's probably just cranky about being constantly mistaken for John Hammond.

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On What I’ve Spent to Move Into a New Apartment

@beatricks@twitter I feel like, if you're moving that far, just sell everything and start over. I moved 8000 miles a few years ago and narrowed my possessions down to whatever could fit in two suitcases. It was nerve-wracking at the time but once it was over I felt so free.

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On My Last Hundred Bucks: Rum, Sorbet, and Burlesque

@deutscheswortfür_chickpea Dark rum, ginger beer, & lime. I can confirm deliciousness.

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On Boozin' on a Budget

But if you’re really stingy and don’t mind being just a little bit sketchy, you can also bring your own alcohol to bars, restaurants, music festivals that charge exorbitant amounts of money for a Coors Light, etc. Remember—flasks are your friends—to doctor up a soda purchased at said locale or to take furtive nips in the bathroom. No. Do not do this at bars or restaurants. If you can't afford alcoholic drinks, drink something else or stay home. [edit: what Pain said!]

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On Places I've Lived: A Mugging, Parking Lot Brawls, and Fleas

Hairy S Truman is a very cute name for a very cute cat.

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On Odd Jobs I've Considered to Subsidize My Freelance Career

Oh man if you ever find yourself in DC I will gladly pay you that rate to organize my closet. GLADLY. I have no idea how it got so bad, I don't even have that much clothing.

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On Haircut Negotiations

@MuffyStJohn Recommendation of a place to avoid: I got a horrible, horrible haircut at Trim in Adams Morgan. Totally disregarded what I asked for, made me look like Nancy Grace.

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On What I Gained After I Accidentally Lost My Taste for Liquor

@forget it i quit Did you know that people live outside of "the city"? Hard to believe, I know.

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On Advice From Commencement Speeches

The best advice I received from my commencement speaker was "Do not donate money to your alma mater," which was implied by the University President's selection of himself as commencement speaker. I did not attend the ceremony.

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On The Summer I Flipped A Car

I was so sure this was going to be about a Hulk-like feat of brute strength.

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