On The Other Side of the Desk

This was very well-written. I don't really have anything else to add, except that is made me really sad.

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On How I Got $1,000 Back From My Pot-Dealing Ex

I am truly impressed your ex reached out to you three years later to pay you back, and didn't bother you further in any way. Good for him, and you! I hope you spent that $600 on something amazing.

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On Where Pop Culture Goes to College

@rightclicksave I was actually rejected from Carleton, a fact I am still bitter about. However, "Zoot Suit Wyatt" was a great bit.

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On Where Pop Culture Goes to College

@Poubelle I hate to say it but Northfield is far better known as the town where Carleton College is, rather than St. Olaf. You're right that they do have a great music program, one which my MN alma mater tried - and failed - to be just as good as. Though if you ask me, moreso than either school, Northfield SHOULD be known as the town where Tricadecathlon began. But that's just me...

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On $100 Spent During a Weekend in Washington D.C.

@LookUponMyWorks I am not Amanda, but my absolute fave is James Hoban's (Dupont Circle), which has $2 mimosas and a brunch that lasts til 3pm. Some other good ones are Le Diplomate, where all the food is amazing (Logan Circle), Red Derby, which is pretty cheap & consistently tasty (Columbia Heights), and Sixth Engine, which has a cool & slick decor (just outside Chinatown on Mass Ave). ETA: I do not go out to dine often, but when I do, it's for drunk brunch.

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On The Best Places to Raise a Family (Or Not)

@uncleezno Minneapolis is liberal, diverse, affordable & also MN has one of the best public school systems in the country. I won't say it's not cold but if you can handle CT winters, with an extra layer or two you can definitely handle MN ones. Also I second @bgprincipessa's recommendation of Philadelphia.

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On Every Job I've Had: City Paper, Biking in Jorts, and The World's Largest Design Firm

Thanks for being so blunt and honest, particularly about how emotions/SOs/cultural & geographical identity can play into your job search. As someone who has been around that bend a few times (re:moving for someone - in one case to DC - but only once it made sense for me job-wise) it's SO MUCH change all at once, and especially hard if you are acutely aware of what you're leaving behind. Sometimes those gambles pay off, though. Best of luck to you.

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On Lost Luggage

In 2004 I saved many pennies and went to visit my sister for a week in Italy, where she was studying abroad. Unfortunately my bag disappeared somewhere between the US and Florence, but my sister and I were about the same size at the time so I was able to get by wearing her clothes. I thought it was gone forever until it was delivered to my house (in the United States) 6 WEEKS later.

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On Anderson Cooper Has His Own Millions, Thank You

@pissy elliott Precisely. Inherited money isn't the only factor to consider when you're born into a supremely wealthy family. Inherited power/influence/social capital can have just as much if not MORE significance in shaping a person's future.

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On Taxing the Childless

@Josh Michtom@facebook "The initial investment would be minimal, but the long-term costs are significant" is how I'm going to answer the next person who asks me why I don't want children, barring my grandmother.

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