On Every Job I've Had: City Paper, Biking in Jorts, and The World's Largest Design Firm

Thanks for being so blunt and honest, particularly about how emotions/SOs/cultural & geographical identity can play into your job search. As someone who has been around that bend a few times (re:moving for someone - in one case to DC - but only once it made sense for me job-wise) it's SO MUCH change all at once, and especially hard if you are acutely aware of what you're leaving behind. Sometimes those gambles pay off, though. Best of luck to you.

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On Lost Luggage

In 2004 I saved many pennies and went to visit my sister for a week in Italy, where she was studying abroad. Unfortunately my bag disappeared somewhere between the US and Florence, but my sister and I were about the same size at the time so I was able to get by wearing her clothes. I thought it was gone forever until it was delivered to my house (in the United States) 6 WEEKS later.

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On Anderson Cooper Has His Own Millions, Thank You

@pissy elliott Precisely. Inherited money isn't the only factor to consider when you're born into a supremely wealthy family. Inherited power/influence/social capital can have just as much if not MORE significance in shaping a person's future.

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On Taxing the Childless

@Josh Michtom@facebook "The initial investment would be minimal, but the long-term costs are significant" is how I'm going to answer the next person who asks me why I don't want children, barring my grandmother.

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On Let’s Throw Some Money at Our Problems: March 2014 Check-in

7.65% Student Loan (highest interest loan): January: $8,040.51 March: $7,737.50 Emergency fund (end-year goal is >$7,000): January: $0 March: $2500

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On It's Official, People Love Libraries

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On It's Official, People Love Libraries

As a librarian, I think the Guardian article is short-sighted. The author references the fact that library usage is up across NYC, but fails to recognize WHY the usage is up. It’s certainly NOT because these historic buildings with their 7-floor stacks are getting more use. It’s because more public libraries are putting a focus on digital versus print, resulting in more computer labs, more computer & online courses, and more library employees who have expertise in online training, i.e. teaching people how to apply for jobs, do your taxes & use other government forms, and navigate social media. Not to mention offering ESL classes, creating after-school activity programs, and managing volunteer-taught classes for genealogical research groups & others. Like it or not, public libraries across the country have had to make massive changes regarding digital v. print & outreach in order to prove their worth to communities that are constantly putting their budgets on the chopping block. From what I’ve read in numerous other articles, NYPL is doing what it has to do to stay relevant in the 21st century & still keep afloat financially. I hate to see historic buildings get gutted too, but until the print budgets of public library systems are supported by the people who give lip service to their importance (i.e. the American public and their individual community administrations), that’s simply not an option.

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On The Best Dead-end Job I Ever Had: Bike Messenger in the Late '90s

Hey Mike & Co., can we make this a series? I have my own "best dead-end job" story, as I bet many do.

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On On Banning 'Bossy'

@MissMushkila RE: What to call her: between the melodramatic performance and need to point out her belief in her own superior capability, she sounds like a bit of a megalomaniac to me.

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On Adult People Are Asking Other Adult People Their SAT Score in Job Interviews

I've been asked how I did on the writing portion of the GRE before in an interview (they knew I had gone to grad school). I told them my score, but that ended up being a moot point when the question turned into a discussion about how ridiculous the GRE and its grading system is.

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