On My Last Hundred Bucks: Essential Supplies and Provisions

At least you went to a proper liquor store! Last time I was in SL, UT I had a bad day and wanted to drown my sorrows in sweet sweet Tecate. Bought a case at Target, downed four of them. Just felt bloated, but none of the pleasing effects one associates with booze. Looked closer at an empty can and it was 3.2% alcohol, not the usual 4.5%. Apparently non-state liquor stores can't sell anything stronger than 3.2%?! Go to hell Salt Lake, go to hell.

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On Here Is Your Open Thread

@OllyOlly @Laurabean Thanks for the advice, I meant that as a poke at the Kia ad posted below this on the main page (http://www.theawl.com/2013/09/5-signs-its-time-for-a-new-car). Couldn't comment on that, but I enjoyed reading how I should buy a new Optima if my current car has more than 100k miles or has squeaky "breaks"

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On Here Is Your Open Thread

There was an entertaining "Undercover Boss" about Cinnabon. Also, does anyone else really want to go out and buy a Kia? My current car has 100,001 miles and "breaks" loudly!

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On Here is Your Open Thread

@sherlock If you're planning on using the money within a few years I would second (third? Fourth?) the CD ladder suggestion. Bond values are likely going to keep going down if interest rates rise. It's a crappy time to have short to medium term money to invest :(

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On Here is Your Open Thread

@Derbel McDillet I work for a US company, but in Canada, and I get 10 vacation days per year (the legal minimum), and something like 6 sick days per year (I rarely use them so my bank is at an absurdly high number of hours). This is a sore point for me, my colleagues in the US get 15 vacation days. I also have to work any Canadian-only stat holidays, but I do get a day off in lieu for those, plus once in a blue moon my boss tells me to take a day off for working on the weekend.

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On Let's Throw Some Money at Our Problems: August 2013 Check-In

Last month: total liquid net worth: $86351.57 CDN. This month: $89649.04. Still aiming for 6 figures by the end of the year.

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On Friday Estimate

Very little I hope. Some groceries for the coming week at some point (maybe $25?), but I think my big spend will come next week when coming home from a job interview will bring me within 5 miles of the US border. I won't be able to resist Trader Joe's siren song and will buy alllll of the cheap (compared to Canada) groceries and gas then. Oh, I need to buy my brother a birthday present. So like $60 for that? Call it an even $100 for the weekend, though a good chunk of it will be spent preparing for above-mentioned interview.

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On Office Perks Not Used

@antheridia My workplace used to offer free chips. Now they're on a health kick and providing fresh fruits and veggies. But they're still purchasing in bulk at Costco once a month, so now instead of an endless supply of Doritos I have access to an endless supply of mould.

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On Pirate Joe's: Canada's Bootleg Trader Joe's Store

Weird situation all around. Props to the guy for doing this, as a former Vancouverite who shopped at the real Trader Joe's 1-2 times a month I wouldn't have thought anyone could make a go reselling TJ's stock at inflated prices just 50 miles north of the nearest store. I'd love to be a fly on the wall for his discussions with CBSA agents as he returns to Canada from one of his shopping trips.

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On Will Work for Food

In a previous job I worked late for free food and I sometimes miss it. Current job only offers free food when I'm travelling, but it doesn't have the same appeal (after that first delicious pizza the first night away from home).

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