On Paying for Dinner

Why are people so weird about this? There's a grace to it, but it's rude not to accept someone's generosity. Mike's method is golden, but I usually just quietly reach for the check when the server comes with it, slide my credit card in, and hand it back to the server before anyone has a chance to argue.

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On We Are Not Spa People

I do not understand people who don't love massages! One of my favorite things to do when I go to ny is to take advantage of the cheap/sketchy asian massage parlors after a day of hoofing it (not take advantage in that way, I am a lady).

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On We Are Not Spa People

@NoReally The prenatal massage table has a big hole in the center for your belly? Hmmmmmmm #themoreyouknow

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On The Cost of Keeping Fit

I've finally convinced myself that my workout wardrobe is complete in spite of how cute the new onzie leggings are, so my only regular expenses are my $109 yoga membership (4-7x/week, easily worth it) and the $5 daily gym fee every time I decide I should really get into lifting heavy (once every other week since it takes me that long to get over the soreness). Oh, and the $45 copay for quarterly chiro sessions from doing too many handstands.

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On The Cost of Keeping Fit

@ellabella yesssssss, airdry everything (except towels! Airdried towels are torture).

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On Money and Dating


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On Am I An Adult Woman If I Can't Handle Sephora?

Confession: sometimes I pretend to not speak English if an upsell-y sales associate comes around and I do not have it in me to give a firm, "I'm just browsing, thank you." I am very fortunate that I do not like to experiment with makeup and have my Day Look and my Night Look when the need arises. I have been buying the same makeup over and over for years (although Diorshow appears to have changed their mascara formula and I need to find a new Night Mascara). This makes the semiannual trip to Sephora or, more often, sephora.com (much more relaxing, and you get to pick your own samples, and there's always some kind of excellent bonus, and you can return your shit to regular Sephora if you are like me and hate the act of return shipping) a quick and easy process.

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On Am I An Adult Woman If I Can't Handle Sephora?

@bgprincipessa I believe it was a hairpin article that taught me that: lipstick needs to be reapplied. Constantly. It is one of the reasons I am not the kind of Woman Who Wears Lipstick.

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On My Dad Doesn't Trust Me Re: Our Trust

Cosigned - as a trustee you should have access to that information. "When you're ready to buy a house" ..... I went through this same issue, not with a trust which has a lot more sticky legal issues to contend with, but my mum offered to cover my down payment for a house but wouldn't tell me how much was available. I was like, how can I know if I can afford a house if I don't know if the funds will cover a 20% down payment? I got a little sneaky on her: I told her I was ready to put an offer down (and actually did make an offer and went back and forth a few times with negotiations, but ultimately backed out). But then I knew how much was available and did eventually buy a house - which I then sold 2 years later after the co-owner and I broke up, and now that money's sitting in index funds while my broken heart mends. Anyway, if the money is for a house (which, based on the trust, you may have to use it for a house? idk, trusts are crazy) and you don't think you'll be buying one any time soon, and you for some reason don't have access to that information even as a trustee, then just pretend the money's not there because it's not.

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On 1 Thing is Miserable and Magical

My one thing did itself! I needed to call my claims adjuster to tell him I wasn't ready to settle the claim for the car accident I was in last year, and he called me instead and was very nice. Hooray 1 thing!

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