On WWYD: Should I Be Upset Because a New Hire is Getting Paid the Same Salary as Me?

Ouch. It is definitely time to start looking for a new job. You might consider voicing your concerns to HR. The phrase "you will never be paid what you're worth" while they're paying someone with less experience near the same amount reeks of discrimination.

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On The Other Side of the Desk

Having been on both sides of the table many times over, here is my the best universal feedback: -practice with at least two different friends with the standard and industry-specific interview questions a few days before the interview so that you'll know what you want to say but it will sound fresh and unrehearsed -research the company and come up with 2 questions before you go in (something specific about the position that wouldn't be covered in an informational interview and "How do you like working here?" is a nice standard - most people like to talk about themselves) -meditate for a minimum of 10 minutes an hour before you go into the interview.

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On Baby Purchases, Reevaluated

@samburger came down to here say this very same thing.

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On The Massage Conundrum: WWYD?

Two at the known place for sure, and then treat yoself to a third because girl, you deserve it.

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On The Massage Conundrum: WWYD?

@Allison I had a nice conversation with a car rental rep who had gone on two such trips and was getting ready to head to Ireland for her third. She loved them. But every time I find one I might be interested in, the hotel or some part of it has horrific reviews :/ Like, there's a reason that safari package is discounted, you know?

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On The Massage Conundrum: WWYD?

@Weasley You will have a difficult to impossible time getting reimbursed. Let the university pay for it.

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On Paying for Dinner

Why are people so weird about this? There's a grace to it, but it's rude not to accept someone's generosity. Mike's method is golden, but I usually just quietly reach for the check when the server comes with it, slide my credit card in, and hand it back to the server before anyone has a chance to argue.

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On We Are Not Spa People

I do not understand people who don't love massages! One of my favorite things to do when I go to ny is to take advantage of the cheap/sketchy asian massage parlors after a day of hoofing it (not take advantage in that way, I am a lady).

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On We Are Not Spa People

@NoReally The prenatal massage table has a big hole in the center for your belly? Hmmmmmmm #themoreyouknow

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On The Cost of Keeping Fit

I've finally convinced myself that my workout wardrobe is complete in spite of how cute the new onzie leggings are, so my only regular expenses are my $109 yoga membership (4-7x/week, easily worth it) and the $5 daily gym fee every time I decide I should really get into lifting heavy (once every other week since it takes me that long to get over the soreness). Oh, and the $45 copay for quarterly chiro sessions from doing too many handstands.

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