On Thursdays Mean Doing That 1 Thing

I need to tell my financial adviser to invest my roth IRA funds from the last few years, after I realized when I made this year's contribution that my funds don't automatically go into the mutual funds I chose when I first opened the account.

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On Is It OK To Lie About Your Salary History: A Friday Chat

Nah, don't lie even though there is very little chance of being caught unless you work for the government. If you're the right person for the job, your previous salary is completely irrelevant. Just ignore those questions and redirect the conversation. Ask what the range is for the position for which you are applying. Make them give a number first. If they push, respond, "That's not relevant to our discussion because this position requires different experience and responsibilities, which I am qualified for because of xyz."

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On On Calling Your Employees "Partners"

"Jeans Evangelist."

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On How to Find 'the One' (Purse)

Gorgeous purse. I am currently rocking a Loeffler Randall Rider number that I got for 60% off after stalking the purse for a summer, and not a moment too soon because a few months later GOOP featured the very same purse in one of their "buy this, money doesn't matter" emails and it is now very much full price.

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On Do 1 Thing, Which if You're Me Probably Has Something to Do With Taxes

Yup, met with my tax guy and got things filed. Hooray!

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On Taking a Different Flight in Exchange for a Voucher

I do this probably 75% of the time that they offer it. It's usually a cash voucher through United (as opposed to a "free flight" which comes with all sorts of red tape) which I use as a discount on future flights. Protip: don't take the first offer, wait until they get desperate and are offering at least $300.

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On Stupid Smarch Weather Do 1 Thing

Taxes taxes taxes taxes taxes. Printer is currently printing all my relevant tax forms and I itemized all my expenses for my side business. Also, I refilled a few prescriptions. V. productive. Hooray 1 thing!

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On How Much Allowance Money Should You Give Your Children?

I never got an allowance or had chores. My parents gave me money whenever I needed it, I guess. My mom gave my brother and I credit cards on her account when we were like 12 and 14, and we had to submit receipts to her every month. It was actually very practical as I was at boarding school and used mine for weekend trips to CVS (going to the drug store was a real treat) and later for gas and food. It got my credit report going at a super young age so that I had perfect credit when I started applying for my own credit cards.

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On Asking Companies for Recompense

Generally speaking: yes, it is worth it to complain in a calm and fair manner. It's a 10 minute process to send customer service an email explaining your disappointment and what you would like to be done about it. If it's an egregious issue, CC the executives in charge of customer service and the CEO (theconsumerist.com is a good place to start) to get a faster response. That said, you're not going to get an upgrade, especially if you don't have some sort of status with them, but it doesn't hurt to ask (politely!). In this case, there may be a more convenient flight that you would like to take. Research for available flights, contact the airline reservations directly (Alaska here, not the operating airline), and ask them to rebook you with no change fee since their schedule changed. If they don't have flights that work with your schedule, ask them to check their partner airlines for your ideal timeline. To make this process quicker and easier for all involved, research on your own first and have the flight numbers at hand. Here are Alaska's partners: http://www.alaskaair.com/content/mileage-plan/partners/partner-overview.aspx Also, join their mileage programs as most of the time you'll only get miles in response to complaints, but hey 10k miles is 10k miles and it is completely immaterial to the airline. I've complained (politely!) about everything from canceled flights to sub par upgrades and received everything from fully refunded flights (easier if you booked with miles) to $150 for the inconvenience. Also, seconding the comment to book direct through the airlines. You have a lot more control over your itinerary and the airline is a lot more invested in you if you do.

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On Mr. Biscuit's Rotten Summer

You, sir, are a wonderful writer. I loved this, was on the edge of my seat folded into myself, reading with wide, wet eyes. Then that last line slayed me and I laugh/cried (craughed?) for minutes. Pets! Goddammit. AND I JUST REALIZED YOU ARE THE PROFESSIONAL CAT PHOTO GUY!! My hero.

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