On More on the 401(k) Problem

I got your back Mike!

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On Weddings Are Super Expensive to Attend, It Turns Out

HOTEL: I have friends from Germany who came to Los Angeles and spent $50 dollars a night using AirBNB.com. The awesome part is they stayed in the Hollywood Hills, just underneath the Hollywood sign. I was shocked at the deal they got, but they are German and smart, and booked it ahead of time when it was available.

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On The Business of Making Movies

Does anyone else think the Spider-Man movie is going to be a big flop? The previews look pretty damn bad, especially that reptile monster, what the hell is that? the geico gecko on steroids?

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On What You Get for a 'Premium' Domain Name

You should get thebillfold.xxx and just talk about money and porn, or porn and money.

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On You Probably Don't Need a Startup to Help You Save

"high yield" savings account? I would rephrase that as the "least low yield" savings account. The rates are a joke.

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On My Imaginary 20-Something Kid Moves Home

You better hope your imaginary kid doesn't read this post, or he'll know exactly what you're doing!

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On Our Struggles with Private Student Loans

this is rather depressing for a Friday.

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On Who Would You Fire?

I think Germany is very interesting, seeing as their economy is doing the best at the moment. It seems like they think about the overall economy more. Getting rid of the young average performer will be easier on the general economy because he'll have an easier time finding other work and he does not have a family to support. The older average performer will have a harder time finding new work and his family will suffer.

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On The Apple Store Makes Me Not Hate Shopping

Yes, but don't you think it's increasingly getting easier and easier to spend your money?

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On Should I Continue to Invest in This Domain Name? Is That a Thing? (Was It Ever?)

i have an idea for a website. you could let me have it, or hit me up for said idea and we'll both be rich! rich as michael dangs! how much are you paying for it?

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