On How Important Is It To Love Your Living Situation?

@The Dauphine totally. i know what i want out of a place, but getting it in nyc is impossible on my salary. and i guess i love my job/nyc more than i want to love a place? though of course i wish i could have EVERYTHING

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On The Cost of Dealbreakers While Making Travel Plans

Venice can be extremely hot and humid in the summer, so if you're there and it's one of those weeks then being without any AC or fans will be incredibly unpleasant. The water in the shower will never get quite cold and the space is probably not very large, so it's potentially a ton of discomfort.

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On Career Advice From the Dalai Lama

this is great. perfect for a monday morning!

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On Let’s Throw Some Money at Our Problems: July 2014 Check-in

@c619 capitalone360 is great for savings and having many different accounts!

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On Friday Estimate

Can we do a week estimate? First thing monday morning or sunday eve? i feel like i have a good handle on weekend spending (a million bazillion dollars), but do we have something for the week?

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On What Happens to a Dream NOT Deferred, But Found Wanting?

i love the notion that the three circles are the same size.

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On Your Open Thread

@polka dots vs stripes i'm sorry to be so ignorant, but do you have a handy link that explains loan forgiveness? i work for a non-profit in education so assume it qualifies...?

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On How Much Should You Tip for Office Food Deliveries?

have you guys seen this? misses some stuff, but also made me feel shame on inadequate tipping of bartenders. http://waitbutwhy.com/2014/04/everything-dont-know-tipping.html

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On Retirement Preparedness Questionnaire

number 7 answer c is perfect.

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On What Do You Use Your Credit Card For, And How Do You Pay It Back?

@EA_Mann I put them under "uncategorized" and then "cash and atm" and i allow myself a certain amount of fun cash money per month, but then the red bar gets me if i take out too much!

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