On Coworkers Who Steal Your Lunch

@bgprincipessa He said he couldn't afford to eat out but was hungry, and that it wouldn't be a big deal. Like I wouldn't miss my sandwich! This was not a terrifically high-paying job, but it was not, like, near the poverty line or anything. Entry level professional job. Dude could buy bread and veggies and lunchmeat like I did, he had options other than the sandwich clearly labeled with my name. I am a pretty quiet person at work so I guess he thought I wouldn't say anything? But I LET HIM HAVE IT. The whole office heard and it emerged that it wasn't a one time thing, he was habitually dining out on his coworkers' packed lunches. He never could look me in the eye after that, which was pretty satisfying.

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On Coworkers Who Steal Your Lunch

I caught someone eating my sandwich once, it was a cube farm so I just walked around until I found evidence. I figured I'd find the container in the trash or something but instead found the dbag mid-bite and shamed him REAL LOUD then demanded he buy me a lunch. He didn't, but the loud shaming was worth it. It was a really good sandwich. [pours out 40 of mustard]

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On Let 1 Thing Go

Thursday One Thing is pretty much the only reason I end up doing anything loathsome and otherwise avoidable. Today I went to the post office AND made an eye doctor appointment! Tomorrow I will resume doing nothing.

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On Money and Dating

Cookie cake! Easy and sprinkle-friendly.

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On Record-Breaking Holiday Electric Bill

Unfortunately no one has answer as to why this family hung up their Christmas lights before Thanksgiving Not sure why that would be an issue, Australia doesn’t celebrate American Thanksgiving.

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On The Cost of Training for a 5K

@Laurabean My personal best 5k time is from a race where they handed you a beer as you crossed the finish line.

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On The Very Anecdotal Demographics Of My Neighborhood CSA

Please tell us (me) more about fennel preparation!

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On Baby's First Fraud Alert

This just happened to me! The Fraud Department at my bank thought it was weird that there was a $93 charge at a gas station in Georgia between beer purchases at a baseball game in DC. That was weird, Fraud Dept. Good catch.

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On Oklahoma Congressman Expert Poor Person Profiler

It really sounds like this guy was watching people using regular old debit cards and putting in their PINs.

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On 2 Ways to Interpret: "Well, My Parents Pay My Phone Bill, So"

I always mentally append “…and my credit card and my rent and my car insurance and and and…” but I’m also a bitter person whose parents help with nothing. Most of the time I think it’s just that the parents have the kids on a cell phone plan and it’s just easier (or cheaper!) not to change it from when they were in high school.

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