On Quarter Mil in Loans, But 10 Years to Forgiveness

THANK YOU SO MUCH for writing this, Theresa Y, and then running it, Billfold. whenever people lament student loan debt loads i always wonder why more people aren't talking about public service loan forgiveness. as a current law student, PSLF was a major reason for my going to law school in the first place. go you!

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On Do You Look Forward to Going to Work?

@olivia i think also part of what's so delicious about staying in bed with the cats, reading or playing on the internet, is that it's such a great contrast to what you ordinarily have to do. if i had no obligations every day and were free to stay in bed with the cats, i would get real bored real quick. so that's another reason i've been grateful to have a job (when i had a job, before going back to school).

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On Majority of Bank Risk Managers Expect Student-Loan Delinquencies to Continue to Rise

tell me more about these taxpayers who will be on the hook for the defaulted student debt, who are somehow a population entirely separate from the former students defaulting on their debt... ?

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On Flash Mobs, But With A Purpose

Caine's Arcade is positively heartwarming.

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On Gain Professional Success by Pretending to Be British (But Don't Actually Be British, Because: Green Card)

logan you know you're signing your emails with a kiss, right? love from a transplanted briton x

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On The Problem with Law School

@charmcity but for consolidated federal loans, you can make income-based repayments - and I understand that they will still be relatively high BUT they will not be over $1,000 as they would be on a normal repayment scheme - so the $35K/year thing isn't really objectionable. plus, if you work in public interest and make 10 years of consecutive payments, on any repayment scheme, the rest of the debt is forgiven. (again, i understand the government can do away with this program as quickly as they did away with subsidized federal loans for graduate students.) or perhaps you can enlighten as to why these are not sufficient to persuade more people to go into public interest law?

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