On Do You Have a Uniform?

@bgprincipessa In Peru they do. At least a majority of them.

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On Do You Have a Uniform?

I teach at a private school and have to wear a uniform. It is so great to not have to worry about the last time I wore that blue gingham shirt, or whatever. This mentality has been slipping into my non-work wardrobe and it is so easy to maintain. I found the right fit and quality of material and now roll with the same brand of shorts, same brand and fit in my shirts (different colors) and same pants (of varying color and material).

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On WWYD: A Christmas Caroler

@Will Murphy Sorry, the WWID part: if she sang, do it. If she just asks outright, do it if you feel it.

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On WWYD: A Christmas Caroler

I used to give money to every panhandler, because a dollar to me is negligible, but them it could make the day. Now, I live in Lima, and here there are people selling all sorts of things on the streets. I used to give to everyone, but go out of my way to give to the children, or people who are clearly disabled. UNTIL one time there was a woman with her baby wrapped around her body in a blanket, the way they do here. In one hand she was holding a bag of candy she was selling, in the other she was juggling three balls with one hand, and even bounced it off her head. All of this without waking up that sleeping kid. If she can do that, how can I justify giving money to someone "por gusto"?

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On Sipping on Water and Juice

@jfruh I get it. Happy hour is the worst. Most bartenders don't set pricing or specials, they just serve them. The owners/managers usually just check labor reports and total sales, not how though sales came in. Also, no bar would create a policy to make people drink faster, and then the bartenders would lose the chance to create regulars if you could only sit at the bar for XX amount of time. And I meant to say, happy hour WAS the worst. Now that I don't work at a bar it is the best.

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On Sipping on Water and Juice

@Logan Sachon That being said, I never knew of a bartender who disliked people drinking N/A drinks at the bar--or even charge for it. Usually we just assume that they are just being responsible for their companions. As Olivia says, order whatever you want. If you're at a bar than someone is spending money. Ain't nothin' wrong with that.

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On Sipping on Water and Juice

When I was used to tend bar I was always aware of the turnover on the bar stools. If someone sits with a happy hour beer for an hour, he could be taking the place of a regular, or someone who orders more than a 3 dollar draft. If people the average customer tips 20% and minimum one dollar per drink, than that guy is paying one dollar an hour it sit at the bar stool. If someone else gets 2 five dollar beers and one 9 dollar whiskey, his cost for the space (service too, of course) is significantly higher. Also, you like to have room for your regulars who consistently come in and essentially make the job sustainable.

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On Elections Do Have Their Consequences

Thanks for this. It absolutely made my day. And there is no arguing with this. He's too far into it now to see logic. Also, who really thinks anything is as important as cable?

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On On Leaving Too Much

@karrrren Service in the restaurants where I worked tipped out 10% of their alcohol *sales* to the bartenders, and about 10% of their *total tips* to the bussers and food runners. This was typical in every place I have worked, and those restaurants where I knew the staff.

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On On Leaving Too Much

@Lauren Janay@facebook If you do a good powerpoint, though, it will somehow be reflected on any future raises you receive. The service industry is not an office, but as any job pay should reflect performance. I do not think people should tip 20% across the board. I think it's a good standard for those who have not worked in service. I think if the server/bartender/barista is not attentive and doesn't care, then they probably expect a tip anyway. If a server goes out of his way to accommodate me (crazy requests, special orders, finding me tylenol), giving me directions, yadayada) than I should consider that he went well beyond my expectations and pay him accordingly. Don't consider 20% the "norm", but just a decent amount for an average job.

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