On How We Think About Class

Question - did the other group get as far as you did in the transaction? Did someone actually bring them cups of beer and then they went out for a sixer? On the judgements issue - totally guilty. I think your point about people who choose to drive a late-model fancy car says a lot about their priorities is spot on. And their priorities aren't necessarily bad, they are just totally different from mine and I do find it hard to relate even if they are really nice people and I genuinely like them. But that probably makes me an asshole too, because I am a high-earning techie. I could afford the BMW, I just choose to drive a Civic.

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On Two Sides of How Businesses are Dealing With Minimum Wage Increases

Yeah, I gotta wonder if the Carl's Jr guy tried raising his prices to see what would happen before just being a dick to his employees.

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On How a Stanford Professor Made A Really Good One-Cup Coffee Maker

I love mine. We did break one a few years ago, but I was happy to replace it. I think I've been using them for five or six years now.

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On Adult People Are Asking Other Adult People Their SAT Score in Job Interviews

If it's a thing, this can be class-based discrimination. I never took the SAT, yet I have both a BA and an MA. I dropped out of high school ('87ish, should have been class of '89) screwed around for a while, and then took an equivalency exam and enrolled in a junior college, and then transferred to USC. No SAT requirement for transfer students. I don't believe that has changed - my husband is currently trying to transfer from a junior college to a Cal State school and there's been no mention of it. I went to Mills College for grad school ('04-'07), and they never asked about it either. I think I got 1500ish on the PSAT in 1986 and scored 98% on the ASVAB at some point before I left high school. The only other big test I ever took was the CBEST (California's exam for teachers).

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On The Specter of Our Horrible Bosses

My horrible boss was horrible in a pretty typical way - he treated me like his secretary when that wasn't my job description. I was actively looking for another job to get out of there when the company was purchased by a bigger one. New company kept me and let him go, and new boss was awesome. Win for me! Except, in one of those incredibly awkward coincidences in life, last fall I boarded a completely packed flight from Paris to New Jersey, and guess who was sitting in the next seat! We made small talk for about three minutes and then aggressively ignored each other for the rest of the flight.

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On The Problem With Financial Literacy Is That It Doesn't Work

@CubeRootOfPi Yeah, I agree. It's also true that the class of people with the most means have a vested interest (literally) in the failure of the lower classes and the massive amounts of debt we are in as a country. The money has to go somewhere, and better to them than the poor people who deserve what they're stuck with.

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On Staying Rather Than Going

@EvanDeSimone The English speaking countries have really tight immigration policies. If you look at Australia's list of jobs that they will allow you to immigrate for they are highly educated positions - engineering, medical, dental, etc. The skilled trades are around construction and contracting. Most of the people that Australia would accept still have decent opportunities somewhere in the states and if they need to relocate it would be a lot cheaper to stay in the states and be closer to family and friends, even if they make a coastal jump. http://www.immi.gov.au/skilled/sol/

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On Cost-Benefit Analysis of Getting Laid When You're Over 60

Egad. This is, unfortunately, relevant to my interests. It isn't just the 60-something set that has to think of this stuff. My ovaries are coming out next month and I'll be immediately in menopause at 42.

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On Will You Be 3D Printing Your Christmas Presents?

While I agree that most of that stuff is pointless and just really nerdfun at this point, my nerdy husband designed my engagement ring and had it 3D printed. It is awesome, personal, and sooooo much less expensive than it would have been to buy something from the jewelry store.

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On I'm Working at an Office and Need Lunch Ideas. Help!

I'm a big fan of slow cooking large batches of things and freezing them for later lunches, and usually by lunch time they'd be thawed out and easy to nuke at work. The thing to do is get a rotation going so you've got a variety of things in the freezer so you're not eating 13 servings of the same soup in a row. We keep the pint size containers that come with Indian takeout and freeze things in them (but reheat them in glass/ceramics). When I had an office I kept a bowl, a fork, and a spoon that I would just wash. I had a chicken version of this for lunch today: http://crockpot365.blogspot.com/2008/02/original-taco-soup-crockpot-recipe.html Pro-tip: If you want to try this with something that you'd put over rice, put the curry/stew/whatever in the bottom of the bowl and then the rice on top. So when you invert it in your bowl the meal is right side up. I might be a little bit obsessive.

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