On The Cost of Dealbreakers While Making Travel Plans

I'd skip the AC, but if the group wants it, I'd be happy to go in with the majority vote. In a trip like that, given all the other expenses you'll be incurring, $300 isn't much. I spent a total of about a month in India over a couple of years and discovered that most places I went that don't cater to westerners exclusively keep the AC at about 80, if they have it at all. It took a couple days to get used to, but I loved it - it's still sooooo much cooler than the outdoor temps (113f in Jaipur for several days we were there) but it's not shocking and I didn't need to carry a sweater around like I do here in CA in the summer.

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On Facebook Announces $15 Minimum Wage, 15 Paid Days Off

@The Dauphine Is that mandated for all workers, or just those classified as full time?

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On Facebook Announces $15 Minimum Wage, 15 Paid Days Off

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On Facebook Announces $15 Minimum Wage, 15 Paid Days Off

I used to work there, when it was the Sun Microsystems campus. It's a big deal in tech, especially those days off. My husband and I both work for the big tech company that bought Sun. I'm a regular employee, he's a contractor. He makes a lot more than $15 an hour but gets no paid holidays or days off, where I get 8 paid holidays and three weeks of vacation (about to be four) because of seniority. It's still hard to take a vacation because of his income loss if he takes any time off. Even worse, the company "suggests" that everybody take the week between Christmas and New Year's off. I always work (I get soooooo much done that week while everybody else is gone), but he really doesn't have that option if his management chain is out and/or doesn't have a specific assignment for him to work on. We do fine, but that can be really tough financially on families with kids. There are actually a lot of couples I know with in this exact situation. I have no idea if Facebook employs technical contractors, but I suspect they do. We have thousands worldwide.

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On The Hours We Put In

I completely believe it. I'm a woman who passes. The biggest thing that allows it is working remotely or needing to travel. I'm by far the most productive person on my team. I haven't worked a Wednesday afternoon in several years (I go to pilates and get a mani/pedi, and while I'm out the housecleaner comes. BLISS) And I also do completely work my ass off when I am working. I've been doing a telecommute/travel gig of some kind for about 15 years now. I keep a time system on my laptop to make sure I work enough, but not too much. When I count myself as being on the clock, I don't do anything but work, no surfing, no chit-chat. By that measure I work 20-25 hours in an average week and I'm acknowledged across the board as the most productive person on my team. The few weeks where I really do have to put in 50 hours because something's gone horribly wrong or we're launching a new project, it is brutal. I could never get away with it if I had kids. Too unpredictable.

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On Controversy With Your Coffee And Other Recent Retail Innovations

There was a piece on xoJane that pointed out that all the hands holding coffee in the promo materials are white. Whoopsie!

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On I Have 12 Years Left to Become Rich

I'm 43 and looking at a job change that I hope will lock in a good salary jump, and I do expect to stagnate there. On the other hand, I married an ambitious 33 year old last year, so he can zoom past me and support my early retirement in style.

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On "Freelance Money Isn't Like Other Money"

You just need a couple years of tax records showing that you have a history of earning at least a stable enough amount annually to support yourself. How much that is depends on how much house you want. We did this with my fulltime income and my husband's freelance income when we bought our place.

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On The Cost of Things: Shake Shack Around the World

Moscow surprises me. File under "things I could look up, but am too lazy to at the moment" - I wonder how significantly the ruble has changed in the last few years. My usual Starbucks order (sugar free vanilla latte and a scone) was about $13 in Moscow three years ago.

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On Money Talks: An Advice Column for Women in the Workplace

@fennel Yup. My (giant tech) company forces you to do this - they don't give raises or bonuses unless company-wide attrition is above something like 12%, so this is literally the only way to get a raise. HR even has a name for it - "the dive and save". My boss is aware that I'm interviewing for exactly this reason. But you do have to be ready to actually take the other offer, even if you're totally confident that your current manager would want to keep you and supports the raise to do it.

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