On Going Above and Beyond Doesn't Help You

@garli I worked for a company that gave no fives to give you something to reach for, which was then purchased by a company that scales more like TheEstablishment's system. But my company also explicitly tells us that "reviews are not tied to raises and bonuses" - not kidding about that. So we do self rating, and I gave up and just give myself fives across the board and let my manager take me down a peg if he feels like he wants to.

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On Help, a Direct Mailing For a Cleaning Service Actually Worked On Me And I'm Worried It Will Ruin My Relationship

I'd go ahead and do this as a one-off and tip the cleaner very well. We have a housecleaner - my relationship would not have survived if we couldn't afford to do it. Over the years I tried a mix of services and independent people and always felt better about the independent people, because I know they're getting every penny I pay them, and I pay them well. We live in a ridiculously tall and skinny four story townhouse and pay $140 every week - a bedroom and two offices, three baths, deep clean the kitchen, vacuum/mop all the floors and ALL THE STAIRS. She is the best. It's expensive, but it's Bay Area so everything is expensive and she's doing work my husband won't do for any price (not out of revulsion or thinking he's too good for it, he doesn't notice the mess and is too lazy to deal with it). My advice, if you like having someone come, start asking around for referrals to independent people. We found the person who works for us that way - she's been working for several of our friends for more than a decade now.

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On The Billfold Book Club: David Allen's 'Getting Things Done'

@nnlsbin Asana has a solid app. It's a lot easier to do the setup and major task input from a computer, but once you've done the big typing, it's easy to maintain via an app on your phone.

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On The Billfold Book Club: David Allen's 'Getting Things Done'

@nnlsbin I've used Omnifocus (Mac, expensive), RememberTheMilk (Free and Pro), and I use Asana.com (free) now. I really liked Omnifocus, but I got a new manager at work and he likes to use Asana for team based projects, and it works pretty well, so I've switched my personal stuff there too. It's easy for my husband and I to be a "team" and get household stuff organized that way too.

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On Saying "No I Can't" Because of Money

I feel like this is such an age related thing - I'm 42 and, I suspect, a bit older than most folks here. I'm at a point in life where my default is "no" and I have to think through the yes answers. Would I love to go to your destination whatever? Sure! Am I actually going to shell out more than $250 (including gift) to see anybody other than my sister ever get married again? Hell no.

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On Saying "No I Can't" Because of Money

@katethegreat Yup. I was so relieved when 20% said no.

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On Multiple Raises a Year

@jr I am in Silicon Valley. I stayed the first year because I wanted the experience of the project I was running, and then I got sick. I'm picky about telecommuting, but I expect I will have a decent offer in 3-6 months.

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On Multiple Raises a Year

@jr Not all of them. I work for a very big one and haven't seen a raise in four years despite two major promotions (engineer with a graduate degree -> manager -> "Director" title). I was looking for something new a year ago when I was diagnosed with cancer and had to go out on long term disability for treatment. I go back to work on Monday, and I've been interviewing for the last two months while I've been recovering. The only way I'll see a raise is if I show them a competitive offer from another company. Why on earth would I stay? It's good to be comfortable enough to wait for the right thing, but I am highly motivated to get out.

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On Weed Sells Like Hotcakes! Who Knew?

Oakland here - I don't smoke or vape, but I started to use edibles instead of ambien a few years ago. My dispensery has a lot of high quality, consistent options and I probably spend $20 to $30 a month. It is also right across the street from the police department which felt a little weird at first but makes it very safe.

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On Are Land Lines Worth It?

We have one because we have DSL. There's no actual phone plugged in, but we pay for the line.

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