On Vampire Town

@stuffisthings They are accurate, just as they were for Washington D.C. when it was the Crime Capitol of the US. I'm not denying it's rough and a difficult problem to solve. My objection is more about how people focus on that aspect exclusively when talking about Oakland even though it's one aspect of a complex social situation. I have friends who live in the Tenderloin where homeless people camp in the Safeway grocery store who are "too scared" to go to Oakland because of "all the crime".

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On Vampire Town

This deeply annoys me. I've lived in/around Oakland for over 15 years and yeah, parts of it are rough and the cops are not always the city's finest, but this is a very selective group of incidents she describes. Oakland is home to WILDLY disparate socio-economic groups and rapid gentrification as people who can no longer afford to live in San Francisco move there attracted by cheap rents and Craftsman bungalows. You experience that weird congnitive dissonance of millionaires on one block and public housing on the next. I had the same experience in Washington D.C. and NYC.

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On What is Your Grocery Shopping Style?

I never go to farmer's markets anymore - in my area they've been taken over by foodies and everything is $10 per pound. I'm lucky that I live near an excellent produce co-op as well as a Trader Joe's. My big tip is to mostly shop the perimeter of the store, rarely go in the aisles. They keep fresh basics on the perimeter (produce, dairy, meat, deli, bulk) and processed foods in the interior aisles.

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On Golden Housemates

I love this. I'm pushing 40, unmarried and childless, and I occasionally think about how that's going to play out in 25 or so years.

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On Things to Purchase for Young People Entering the Real World

@Rachel Goldfarb@twitter It is the saddest thing to me to see short women on the subway dragging their Brooks Brothers pant hems on the ground. Also doubly tragic since hemming pants is a very doable sewing project people who don't sew.

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On Things to Purchase for Young People Entering the Real World

@pfunkem Just because you think someone shouldn't be judged for something, doesn't mean they won't be. Women are judged harshly for everything they do in some types of workplaces.

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On Helaine Olen on "Leaning Into the Past"

I am one woman who is really tired of being told I'm Doing Life Wrong.

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On Here's How to Work the Clothes Resale Racket

All this is excellent advice. When I was in fashion school, my friend in the Central Valley would bring up designer and vintage thrift shop finds that he'd buy for a dollar a pound for me to sell at a premium in San Francisco and we'd split the cash.

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On The Chelsea of New Orleans? (French Quarter) The Queens of LA? (Venice)

This is terrible.

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On The Chelsea of New Orleans? (French Quarter) The Queens of LA? (Venice)

@stuffisthings It *is* the Bronx to DC!

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