On The Year I Saved $10,000

My husband and I saved about $10K the first year we got married. He was subbing part time, I was working full time for a measly hourly wage, and we were living in his parents' basement. We had literally no expenses (his parents are very generous) & enough Target gift cards to buy necessities & some groceries for a while. Then we used it a few years later as a down payment on a house. The end.

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On Family Plan Shame

My husband and I are both on his family's plan. When we got married, we specifically moved my phone to their plan. Sometimes I too think, wait I should be a grown ass adult & get my own cell plan. But then I realize it would more than double my bill. I think some carriers are figuring this out on their own though. I've seen parts of ads for the "framily" plans but I have not paid much attention. Is this something similar being condoned by providers? Anybody using those?

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On The Most Expensive Meals We've Ever Paid For

@apples and oranges Truth! Seriously, that is never ok.

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On The Most Expensive Meals We've Ever Paid For

Hahahahaha I have aspirations of being a foodie, so once a year my husband and I go out for a nice dinner for our anniversary. We have done this 5 times now, and each time it gets progressively more expensive. We live in KC so I think restaurants are more reasonably priced than NYC, but I may be making this up. Last year we went to Bluestem and did the 5 course tasting menu with wine pairings. It ended up being over $300. I also felt sick, mostly from all the food, which was amazing and included amuse buches between EVERY course. I love food & and am willing to pay a bit for experiences instead of things. Eating out and traveling are my expensive weaknesses.

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I was thinking about this movie this week actually. I couldn't remember the name for a while though and was calling it "ice pick" in my head. Pretty close! My husband and I want to see it, but last I checked it wasn't out near us...but that was over a week ago.

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On A Hospital Bill, Annotated

Congratulations on the new Mr. Babyboy! This is also terrifying in more ways than one.

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On Office Small Talk: An Illustrated Typology

I hate small talk. I am not good at it and I actually try to avoid it. Feels too disingenuous to me. But then, I'm a misanthrope. I know I don't actually care about my co-workers' weekends, and I doubt they really want to know much about mine in passing either. ETA: I am actually that horrible person who shuts small talk down, stat. Someone will ask how I'm doing, and I'll replay with a single word answer (plus "thanks"), and I rarely ask "How 'bout you?"

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On Speaking of FitBits, Here's One for Your Hoo-Hoo!

What. How is this even a thing??!

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On Measure Your Life in Birth Control

I was on the pill for years, which cost anywhere from $10-50/month (with insurance) I think. I never paid that much attention because going without wasn't an option for me. A couple years ago I got on the Mirena IUD & it has been great. Rough adjustment period for a month, but otherwise great. Somehow it didn't cost me anything to get it either.

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On Help, I'm Hooked on Battery-Operated Toothbrushes

Maybe you should upgrade to one of the expensive ones that you only have to replace the brush part on? I guess we could do the math & see if it would be more cost effective over time...but blegh maths on Friday. My dentist tried to talk me into one and said it would be covered under my FSA if I bought it through them.

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