On The Other Side of the Desk

This was really lovely. My only question for the author: why didn't you give the lady feedback? Why did you doge? I'm not blaming; I'm sure I wouldn't handle it differently. But if you want to show these people you are different, that you understand being on their side of the desk, maybe giving this asked-for feedback would be one way to do that?

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On The Year I Saved $10,000

My husband and I saved about $10K the first year we got married. He was subbing part time, I was working full time for a measly hourly wage, and we were living in his parents' basement. We had literally no expenses (his parents are very generous) & enough Target gift cards to buy necessities & some groceries for a while. Then we used it a few years later as a down payment on a house. The end.

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On Family Plan Shame

My husband and I are both on his family's plan. When we got married, we specifically moved my phone to their plan. Sometimes I too think, wait I should be a grown ass adult & get my own cell plan. But then I realize it would more than double my bill. I think some carriers are figuring this out on their own though. I've seen parts of ads for the "framily" plans but I have not paid much attention. Is this something similar being condoned by providers? Anybody using those?

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On The Most Expensive Meals We've Ever Paid For

@apples and oranges Truth! Seriously, that is never ok.

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On The Most Expensive Meals We've Ever Paid For

Hahahahaha I have aspirations of being a foodie, so once a year my husband and I go out for a nice dinner for our anniversary. We have done this 5 times now, and each time it gets progressively more expensive. We live in KC so I think restaurants are more reasonably priced than NYC, but I may be making this up. Last year we went to Bluestem and did the 5 course tasting menu with wine pairings. It ended up being over $300. I also felt sick, mostly from all the food, which was amazing and included amuse buches between EVERY course. I love food & and am willing to pay a bit for experiences instead of things. Eating out and traveling are my expensive weaknesses.

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I was thinking about this movie this week actually. I couldn't remember the name for a while though and was calling it "ice pick" in my head. Pretty close! My husband and I want to see it, but last I checked it wasn't out near us...but that was over a week ago.

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On A Hospital Bill, Annotated

Congratulations on the new Mr. Babyboy! This is also terrifying in more ways than one.

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On Office Small Talk: An Illustrated Typology

I hate small talk. I am not good at it and I actually try to avoid it. Feels too disingenuous to me. But then, I'm a misanthrope. I know I don't actually care about my co-workers' weekends, and I doubt they really want to know much about mine in passing either. ETA: I am actually that horrible person who shuts small talk down, stat. Someone will ask how I'm doing, and I'll replay with a single word answer (plus "thanks"), and I rarely ask "How 'bout you?"

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On Speaking of FitBits, Here's One for Your Hoo-Hoo!

What. How is this even a thing??!

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On Measure Your Life in Birth Control

I was on the pill for years, which cost anywhere from $10-50/month (with insurance) I think. I never paid that much attention because going without wasn't an option for me. A couple years ago I got on the Mirena IUD & it has been great. Rough adjustment period for a month, but otherwise great. Somehow it didn't cost me anything to get it either.

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