On Friday Estimate

A magical confluence of friends in my town means that I'm going out tonight, but I have to go to my boyfriend's niece's birthday party tomorrow so I have to keep it under control. May still run me about $40. Beyond tonight, the home bar is well-stocked and I have a ton of work to do, so I'll guess $10 for my coffee shop budget and that's it. $50.

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On How Much Do You Spend on Eating Out Each Month?

When I'm not living with my boyfriend (a summer/winter thing as I'm a grad student and he has a real job elsewhere) I spend probably $150/month. This is kind of embarrassing considering my tiny grad stipend, but I do a lot of my work in coffee shops and often grab food with classmates for needed group therapy/de-stressing time, so I think it's pretty important. I try to purposely scale back my grocery budget with these meals in mind.

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On How Much Do You Spend on Eating Out Each Month?

@Gretchen Alice I'm in this boat as well, at least when I'm living with my boyfriend (as I am now). Back to the shoestring grad student budget in September, no more of this wild frivolity.

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On The Beer And Hotdogs Weren't Free, But It Felt Like It

As a grad student in Madison, I have to say A) yay Madison! and B) "From ordering fries with a burger or getting one more drink, it is like being stung by bee after bee." - I relate to this, especially with my stipend.

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On Friday Estimate

This weekend is pretty booked up with no or low-cost social activities (like my boyfriend's grandma's birthday party), but I hope to get some lady time in tomorrow with my BFF because I'm going kind of stir crazy, so let's just say that there's maybe $30 allotted for booze for that occasion, and maybe $15 for coffee shop trips the rest of the weekend since I'm on a deadline for an article. Estimate: $45, let us hope.

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On I Got My Shopping Start at the Limited Too

I still vividly remember the blue, faux-leather (PVC? Sort of frosty, shiny-ish PVC?) jacket that I wore on my first day of middle school. Thanks for that, Limited Too.

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On Friday Estimate

I'm in a weird/awesome position right now in that I'm living rent-free with my boyfriend this summer and my savings/TA stipend are hilarious in comparison to his salary (read: he pays for a lot of things), so I'm trying to find ways to contribute so I don't feel like I'm Megan Draper pre-soap opera role. Generally this amounts not so much to me paying for things as me making food, cleaning, and doing all that kind of stuff. Today: Coffee shop + paying for internet to job search: $10 Groceries: $30 (boyfriend may reimburse me for this) Saturday: Reload metro ticket: $~20 Chipping in towards stuff to grill with friends: $10 Sunday: Movie, which boyfriend will probably pay for Snacks, which I'll try to pay for - $10 Estimate: High $80, low $50

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On A Thread That Is Open

I have to drive back to the east coast (from the midwest) in May. Before then I need to get my car serviced (it's due for its 17,000 mile checkup and I've noticed the brakes are seeming just a little not-as-nice as they used to). Taking my car in is always terrifying to me - I'm horrible at advocating for myself, I haven't had a car long enough to know what things are supposed to cost. I'm bringing it to the dealership because I know they have a record of all the maintenance that's been done on it, plus if there's something wrong it may still be under warranty, though I often leave the dealership feeling screwed. Basically I'm trying not to drop a bunch of money before a couple months of underemployment (PhD student, living with boyfriend for summer, un-marketable job skills, etc). Any tips on keeping costs down and/or advocating for yourself at the mechanic?

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On WWYD: I Paid My Rent, I Swear

@Megano! This happened to me once too! I sent in my rent check with my roommate at the time, and later she got a notice saying her rent check had bounced, while I still had my rent money in my account - turns out that somehow my rent payment was deducted from her account (on top of her rent). Very bizarre.

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On Friday Estimate

I was a little (actually a lot) spendy last night - we have prospective students visiting, drinks were bought. I'll hopefully not spend much tonight - free department reception and then maybe out again, though I'm so exhausted I can't fathom it. I'll estimate $15 just in case we go out. I'll probably pay about $7-10 for parking throughout the weekend, maybe $25 for a friend's birthday bar outing tomorrow. Ew $50. I don't want it to be that. I will try to keep it below $40.

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