On The Real World Cost of a $22 Gadget

I'm going to be the voice of dissent. I took a 24 hour flight to Africa and I had to recline my seat if I wanted to be the slightest bit comfortable. I dont think it's such a big deal on shorter flights, but on longer ones it's an absolute necessity.

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On Places I’ve Lived: A Dormitory for the Arts, Urban Hilltops, and a Former Department Store

I've been to many of these places!

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On Programming Note

Hi guys!

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On Logan, Where Have You Been?

Yay for Logan! I'm so happy to hear that you've found something that is more lucrative and will still give you some personal satisfaction(I hope!). I'm always thrilled to see a Logan post no matter how infrequent it might be.

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On The Invisible Labor of The Fashion Blogger Boyfriend

I dunno about that, a lot of the fashion blogs I follow like A Clothes Horse, Delightfully Tacky and Scathingly Brilliant use a self timer and typically shoot their own photos by themselves.

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On Workplace Thievery

My workplace has routinely had many, many(like 50) rolls of paper towels, paper plates and utensils go missing missing. So SOMEONE is stealing that shit.

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On Hi Everyone, Please Don't Hate Me

Welcome Meaghan! I'm looking forward to your articles.

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On Bzzzz

Get bugbomb(sold in stores near you)!

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On What I Learned Working The Graveyard Shift

I'm a fellow nightshifter, and I related a lot to this post, although I have to say there are so many things I don't have to put up with that make it worth it (no traffic, more sleep(more than I had when I worked days). Very well done.

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On A Conversation With Myself About Buying a Dress

I love, love, loved this. I have this very same convo with myself whenever I'm about to buy a dress from Modcloth. And I'm a recent convert to maxi dresses.

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