On Cheap v. Frugal

@Marille @@fo This is genius! For the record it was Hy-Top, which is the cheap brand at the tiny grocery down the street. It totally tastes the same though!

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On Cheap v. Frugal

My boyfriend and I draw the line between cheap and frugal very differently. We once got into an argument because he called me cheap for buying off brand ranch dressing for a dinner party we were hosting, which in his family is something you Do Not Do for guests apparently. I think he prioritizes keeping up appearances more than I do.

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On 'Submissive Students Do Not Make Good Computer Scientists'

I hear what the author is saying about high schools today teaching their students to be followers who follow direction well instead of critical thinkers. This is my biggest beef with the high school I went to. I was a straight A student who found college a rude awakening. My professors didn't just want the right answers-- they wanted me to break down the ideas introduced to me and I had to really retrain myself how to approach learning and struggled in the beginning. But, her description of students who don't do well in her classes sounds more like a personality type then students who necessarily come from this background. I read it as "only extroverts do well in computer science." I am an introvert who doesn't like loud spaces, I learn best when I'm on my own and not through discussion. That's not to say that I'm just passively accepting the material and not grappling with it in my own way. I am also studying computer science. Does that mean I won't do well in this industry? I wonder if she's favoring the loud students over the ones who just learn differently. Anyone else have this reaction?

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On "When Leon dies, Bard will perhaps die as well"

I am a Vassar grad! It was incredible, I have zero regrets about going there. The alumnae/i give an astonishing amount of money back to the college. I think it's true that people don't go to Vassar to become rich, but somehow a lot of alumni end up pretty well off anyway? (Not true yet in my case...) I was only able to go because of the generous scholarship funded by the alumni association in my hometown. I don't give regularly (I'm waiting until I'm done with student loan debt) but I have given $20 here and there and earmarked it for the Library because it is my favorite place on earth.

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On The Cost of Breaking Up and Moving Out

Oh I can relate to this. My own 12 year relationship went down in flames three months ago. The financial adjustment has been tough; I went from living on our combined $90k down to my $35k. He moved out so I am paying the mortgage and bills by myself. And yeah, that first month I went into spendy mode to make myself feel better - mostly on fancy personal care products. Now that I'm finally coming out of emotional crisis mode, I'm making plans for the future -- selling the house, moving to a small apartment, and taking steps towards a career that pays better. Best of luck and hugs to you, anonymous!

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On Interview With a Person Who Changed Careers Without Quitting Her Job

Great interview! I am two months into learning to code -- I'm taking the free Harvard CS50 class through Edx which has been really great so far. The hardest part has definitely been trying to silence that inner voice that questions if I will ever be a capable programmer/developer. It seems like so many articles about lady developers focus on how horrible the male dominated culture can be, so it's really refreshing to hear there are places where this doesn't seem to be the case.

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On How Long Did It Take You to Earn the Average Starting Salary of Graduates from Your College?

Dang. Eight years out and I'm still $10k short of the average starting. Partly I think it could be due to me living in the midwest where salaries are lower and most of the people who attended my school (Vassar) live on the coasts. Also partly because I chose a terribly paid profession -- libraries.

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On How Much Do You Spend on Electricity Each Month?

My boyfriend and I live in a 2000 sq ft brick home built in 1892 with zero insulation. My 12 month average for electricity comes out to $130 per month, gas is about $80. We put off turning on the AC for as long as possible every year, but St. Louis summers are scorchers! Ugh, we need insulation so bad.

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On What Was Your Big Mistake?

Buying a cute, cheap, sorta fixer-upper Victorian in a high crime city. Please someone buy my house before I get shot. Oh, and spending 25k on a BA in Religious studies.

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