On A Fractured Skull, a Lost Sense of Smell, and a New Job

This is both scary and interesting. My mother fell and had a relatively minor head injury a few years ago, and thankfully had very few side effects. In fact, the only one that lingered was that her sense taste completely changed for a couple of years! Things that used to taste good started tasting bad for her, and she swore she could taste anything that had canola oil in it (and it tasted terrible). Just in the last six months or so she mostly has regained her old sense of taste, although there are a couple of things that still taste not quite right.

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On How To: Collect a Paycheck From 311 While Reading a Book a Day at Your Desk

One of my favourite jobs was working at a short-lived kiosk in the mall that sold merchandise from an art gallery, and attracted approximately no customers. I would work there for eight hours, read the whole time, and sell bookmarks or posters to maybe five or six people. I read about 60 books in the three months I worked there. It was amazing, except for the one major downside - I only made minimum wage. Sigh.

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On Canada Reminds Man Of Better Times

Just wanted to say as a Maritimer (from New Brunswick, to be more specific) this place is an economic MESS with a high unemployment rate (around 10 per cent in this province). Poverty is a HUGE issue here, while two families (the Irvings and McCains) are billionaires who basically own everything. The more you know!

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On My Career As a Telemarketer Has Affected Every Job I've Had Since

@Lily Rowan I was not, I was on the East Coast of Canada! And I never got an accidental raise, nor did I get commission because it turns out I'm just awful at selling things.

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On My Career As a Telemarketer Has Affected Every Job I've Had Since

This is a great reminder of how glad I am that I'm no longer a telemarketer. Right after high school I sold accidental death and dismemberment insurance over the phone and it was the WORST, but definitely was helpful in that nothing I did after that was even nearly as terrible. I remember looking around at the lifers and being like, NOPE. Nope, this is not for me.

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On Places I've Lived: Above a Coffee House, a Subsistence Farm in Tuscany, and a Chain of Remote Islands

I very much enjoyed this because I ALSO went to King's and did the one-year journalism program the year after you! I lived off Quinpool on Beech Street. I miss living in Halifax a lot, it's one of my favourite cities.

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On The Specter of Our Horrible Bosses

The interesting thing with my horrible boss from a couple of jobs ago is that he wasn't REALLY that horrible to me - I mean, I ended up picking up the slack when he didn't do the work he was supposed to do, and I spent a lot of time trying to smooth things over with other employees - but he seemed to like me for some reason. However, observing him yell at other employees, send harassing emails and avoid many of his responsibilities was pretty jarring, and taught me a lot about what not to do. He ended up moving and I got his job. I'd like to think I was a much better boss than him, and at least some of that came from choosing to do the opposite of what my former horrible boss would have done.

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On My New Career Plan: Reality Show Contestant

I think my favourite use of "I didn't come here to make friends" was on that Paris Hilton BFF show. THAT IS LITERALLY WHY YOU CAME HERE! TO MAKE FRIENDS!

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On What Was Your Big Mistake?

@MuffyStJohn I did get a lot of good pieces out of it, and it was nice to actually have semi-professional clothes when I finally did get a job. I've since put myself in shopping rehab and now only allow myself to shop when I really need something or there is a for serious sale.

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On What Was Your Big Mistake?

There was this one time when I had just finished university and was kind of "lost" (like, in an existential sense, not like, physically) and I was unemployed and depressed about being unemployed. I started shopping a lot with my more financially stable friend who could afford to buy all the clothes, and even though I COULD NOT afford all the clothes, I was jealous of her wardrobe, so I bought way too many dresses I didn't actually need, and then all of a sudden I was $3,000 in credit card debt and it took a reeeeaaaally long time to pay it off because even when I did get a job, I was a lowly intern. WOMP.

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