On Getting Teens More Interested in Thinking About Money

@Adam A TON of conspicuous consumption pressure comes from friends, neighbors, and advertisements - I don't think it's really fair to blame celebs for this one, they probably play the smallest role of anyone. Teens aren't stupid - just because they choose iPhones and True Religion as signs of conspicuous consumption rather than a big, decorated house doesn't mean they're all that different from literally everyone else.

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On A Trip to the DMV

@polka dots vs stripes In my state, you can request a test in a number of languages, I believe! Makes sense, because you should be able to get the test directions in your language but then they won't tell you what the signs say. I would think that generally if you know arabic numerals, most signs should be comprehensible, though.

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On Should You Buy a Holiday Gift for Your Boss?

@Jake Reinhardt I don't know, I've actually seen this to be pretty common at startups. Much less so at bigger companies. Stress balls are an inadequate gift, just give those out to celebrate a little victory or something. But a nice messenger bag or jacket, yeah.

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On College Credit For Internships Basically Meaningless?

@sschulz But the argument here is that this "college credit" is offered purely to allow students to satisfy requirements of internships that otherwise appear to doubt their own educational value.

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On College Credit For Internships Basically Meaningless?

@readyornot I don't think anybody is arguing that internships aren't valuable, especially if paid - at Columbia, school-year internships are one of the main advantages of going to an urban school. But that doesn't mean that some aren't horribly exploitative (and that exploitative internships are the dominant ones in certain industries), even if they all provide some benefit.

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On What Water Do You Drink, How Do You Drink It?

@angry little raincloud You can vary the sodastream levels of carbonation - just use more charges and/or start with colder water to get it fizzier.

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On What Water Do You Drink, How Do You Drink It?

The bottles as big as your thigh are 69c at trader joe's. I wrote a whole comment just to say that, I guess.

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On A Very Short Conversation with a Spitzer Petitioner

@r&rkd Specifically, the job only lasted through Thursday, the last day for petitioning. Probably no quotas, but they do need to be NYC residents and registered democrats. And yeah, I imagine the hassling was intense. I mean, the media storm around Weiner is bad enough.

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On I Want to Live Alone

@sony_b I'm so curious about this! Are they expected to pay less because they are part time?

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On The U.N. Unpaid Internship is Not for Sale. Well.

@angry little raincloud A program like that is what is supporting my summer! I think they're fantastic, and I do plan to give back. (And because my school is in NYC, and the grant also gives free housing, it does actually cover the big-city living expenses and then some).

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