On Every Job I've Ever Had: Piano Teacher, Dog Walker, Booth Babe, Executive Assistant, Writer, and More

Good post. I'd be interested in reading more about your year as a touring musician. I read an article (here?) about the revenue/expenses of a guy traveling around Canada putting on shows. It's cool to get an inside look at financial world of performance artists.

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On Hustles

Good post. What might be interesting for your next post is how you ended up becoming a lawyer with a mom who hustled for dime bags and a dad who couldn't afford a suit for your wedding.

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On Some Costs Associated With My Roommate’s Boyfriend

Wait, how has no one yet commented on 12 rolls of TP a month? That seems like an insane amount. I'm in a family of 4 (2 adults, 2 kids [2 males, 2 females]) and we maybe go through 3 rolls combined. Is 12 rolls for 2 females and 1 jerk a normal amount? But to the main part of your post, I would definitely constructively confront your roommate about her parasite (which isn't actually what I'd do. I'm the king of passive aggressiveness, but it's much easier to give advice rather than heed it).

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On Walmart Employees Working Hard, Going on Food Stamps

@polka dots vs stripes Yeah, I would like to hear a conservative rebuttal to this, especially in light of Paul Ryan's budget proposal. @waydownsouth, what say you?

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On Americans Pouring Ranch All Over Everything

@erinep I would put ranch on cardboard and savor it like it's my last meal. But ranch in easy mac doesn't sound too good to me. If my wife let the kids and me eat easy mac I would definitely try it though!

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On There's a New Chicken King in Town

Man, these rationalizations are making it tough for me to stand my ground. It's my kids' favorite fast food place, but we've been boycotting it since their politics came to light (we even boycott it on restaurant night, where a portion of the proceeds go to the kids' school, which seems pretty backwards). I don't know what's tougher for my family though - boycotting Chick-fil-A or Hobby Lobby (which has a better selection than Michaels).

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On Nothing Leprechaun Gold Can Stay: Financial Lessons From "Harry Potter"

Somewhat off-topic, but I've been reading Harry Potter to my 2nd grade son for the past few months. I can't tell you how happy it's made me that he's so into it, but we're already halfway through the 6th book and I'm dreading the end because I don't know what to read next. Lord of the Rings and Hunger Games are a little too dark. Magic Tree House is a little too young. I read the first book of Percy Jackson & The Olympians and it wasn't great. Does anyone have any suggestions for our next series? I hate to lose the quality time I'm getting with him and Harry.

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On Odd Job of the Day: Medical Actor

@aetataureate I know! They should have used a picture of Kramer for this post instead of ER.

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On Employee Stock Options as Explained By an English Major

@Meaghano Bummer. This might be asking too much, but I hope you write about the specifics of your situation in the next installment. I understand if you don't though, since it's not exactly anonymous. And I agree with comments at the top - you don't need to apologize or feel like an asshole for writing about receiving stock options. Especially on the Billfold.

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On Supermarket Tricks

@forget it i quit That's probably my biggest gripe about shopping - folks ditching stuff, especially frozen stuff, where is doesn't belong. I can almost give a pass to the frazzled mom or dad with one kid screaming, another kid constantly putting junk food in the cart and another kid wandering off down the aisle (I've been there, but with only two kids). But it seems like most folks are just too lazy or inconsiderate to go back to where they got the stuff from.

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