On Job of the Day: Fake Patient

@Kthompson That was my first thought - hasn't Gabrielle Nuki ever watched Seinfeld reruns???

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On The Catalogs Keep Coming

@Catastrophe Waitress Agree. Catalog Choice worked very well for me. Did it a couple of years ago when we moved into a new place. 12 unwanted catalogs were stopped after spending a few minutes filling in fields on the website. Definitely worth it.

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On Josh Michtom's First Job: Helping Teach Argentinians English

Guess it loses something in the (google) translation [andate wing shell mother b*tch who bore you].

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On Are Land Lines Worth It?

I'm a dinosaur who actually has 2 land lines. I telecommute full time, so I need a dedicated, reliable, good quality line for that. I could probably get rid of my household land line, but my prepaid flip phone doesn't get good reception in the house. I should look into VOIP though, since it's probably cheaper.

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On How Do You Decide Which Books To Buy?

I should get my books from the library, but I'm too lazy. So I get mine from Kobo for my Kindle, because they supposedly give a portion of proceeds to an indie bookstore of my choosing (plug for RJ Julia in Madison, CT). But I wonder how much Kobo gives them. Maybe a few cents on a $9.99 ebook? As for how I choose what to read, I rely on recs from The Week, Grantland and, for my young adult fix, my 13 year old niece.

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On Tell Me The Truth About Debt Consolidation

@PicNic It might be subsidized vs. unsubsidized loans. For subsidized federal loans, the gov't pays the interest while you're in school or in deferment. In unsubsidized, interest starts accruing when the loan is taken out. So if you have both subsidized and unsubsidized, that might be why your bill is broken down into two amounts. My wife's consolidated loans are broken out like that. I have no idea how they determine which part of our extra payments go to which loans.

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On Donating To Your Problematic Alma Mater: Do or Don't?

How's this for warped logic? One of the main reasons I choose not to donate to my alma mater is because tuition is too high. My thinking is that if I give money, then that enables them to keep raising tuition because they'll have more money for scholarships or new buildings. So if I don't give money, they'll have less for scholarships or buildings so they won't raise tuition as much. My wife (who graduated from the same school) thinks this is pretty asinine reasoning. She chooses not to give for other reasons. Of course, since I'm only talking about a couple hundred dollars a year max, I know it doesn't affect anything either way. But it's the principle.

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On Every Job I've Ever Had: Piano Teacher, Dog Walker, Booth Babe, Executive Assistant, Writer, and More

Good post. I'd be interested in reading more about your year as a touring musician. I read an article (here?) about the revenue/expenses of a guy traveling around Canada putting on shows. It's cool to get an inside look at financial world of performance artists.

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On Hustles

Good post. What might be interesting for your next post is how you ended up becoming a lawyer with a mom who hustled for dime bags and a dad who couldn't afford a suit for your wedding.

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On Some Costs Associated With My Roommate’s Boyfriend

Wait, how has no one yet commented on 12 rolls of TP a month? That seems like an insane amount. I'm in a family of 4 (2 adults, 2 kids [2 males, 2 females]) and we maybe go through 3 rolls combined. Is 12 rolls for 2 females and 1 jerk a normal amount? But to the main part of your post, I would definitely constructively confront your roommate about her parasite (which isn't actually what I'd do. I'm the king of passive aggressiveness, but it's much easier to give advice rather than heed it).

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