On How Do You Know When to Stop Spending?

I have an excel spreadsheet and I look at it every day (I don't have to but I'm obsessed). I pretty much treat every reoccurring purchase (monthly, quarterly, yearly, etc) as a fixed cost. So each paycheck I pay my fixed costs, which include actual bills like rent as well as groceries, gas, and savings. I even schedule oil changes. I think the trick is to budget a little more than you think you'll need. I set aside $60 for gas each paycheck but I normally spend less. I give myself room so I won't end up reaching for my credit cards or savings. This doesn't always work but 9 times out of 10 it does. After I pay all my fixed costs the leftover money is used to buy random crap. I try not to spend more than the amount that’s left over.If I don't have the money, I’ll just put it back and maybe return to purchase it when I have the money (I rarely return which tells me I didn’t need it in the first place).

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On How a Consultant in a Long-distance Relationship Does Money

I wonder why she doesn't drive to DC or take one of those cheap buses.

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On "Say Yes First, Figure It Out Later": Top 10 Pieces Of Advice From Entrepreneurs

It's good to know my motto, "say yes and figure it out later", works.

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On When Your Paycheck Is What Keeps You From Achieving Your Goals

Wow a shift leader making $20k. That should be criminal. Anyway, I have to read the article later but I do agree that a low wage is the problem. No one is going to make correct or responsible financial choices all the time but at least with a higher wage you can shield yourself againt those times when you don't make the right or responsible choice. When you are facing financial troubles more money is always the right answer. You can only save, pinch, and deprive yourself so much.

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On Gold Diggers And Deadbeat Dads

Are you crazy?!?!?! That's a huge deal-breaker. I wouldn't be able to trust someone after a huge lie like that. My other question is how did the wife not know? She was really that trusting? The wife sounds like a dummy and the husband sounds like a liar. On second thought they should stay together. Also, all of those, except estate planning (at my age), would be red flags for me if I was serious with someone.

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On An Interview With a Wealthy Retiree About His Taxes

@madrassoup I agree there does seem to be something missing from this interview. I don't think knowledge of the capital gains tax makes that feeling go away.

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On Soon Asian Americans Will Be The Richest In All The Land

Part of the reason for the wealth disparity is “financial decision-making"? Are you kidding me!?!?! The other parts better be racism, lower incomes, and lack of funding and resources in black and latin communities. Black and latin people tend to "make poor decisions" because they tend to only have the capacity to choose between various poor decisions. How can a group make better decision without the resources to make better decisions? I'm not trying to take away from Asian Americans but this constant comparison of non -Asian minorities and Asian minorities is unfair and unnecessary. If people are going to talk about racial disparities in wealth they have to discuss racism and differences in resources as well as incomes.

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On New York on $70 a Week

@tenya I've definitely been a broke college student in a dorm before. I don't know about her dorm but my dorm always had a main kitchen. Also an electric kettle and an illegal toaster works wonders. Anyway,I know she lived in a dorm and didn't have to pay for food but my point was that even if she had to pay for food I dont see how $70 is a little bit of money for a college student.also, if I remember correctly, she lived off campus which hopefully means she had a kitchen in her apartment. I don't think this post illustrated your last point.

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On New York on $70 a Week

Maybe I'm poorer than I thought I was but $70/ week sounds like a lot of money,especially for a college student, especially when everything is essentially paid for already. What other expenses do you have as a college student? Even if you had to buy food, there are plenty of foods you can buy on the cheap like rice, pasta, and vegetables etc. This post was weird to me.

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On Who Does the U.S. Benefit System Benefit the Most?

@msafiri That isn't the counterpoint to the conservative anti-benefit argument. Also the conservatives aren't anti-benefit.They are anti benefits for people that they incorrectly identify as moochers. The pro-benefit liberals (if we are going to polarize people)know the system has its flaws and want reform not complete desertion of necessary benefits.

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