On Christmas Alone

This beautiful piece of writing makes me want to be your friend. Except then we would both have to stop being lonely for a small period of time - and who needs the extra anxiety? Thoroughly enjoyed this piece.

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On The Last Night

Working in a restaurant is so awful.. Every day I wonder if eventually I will need to fall back on waitressing again. That is definitely something I fear. Logan, this was a great piece.

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On Am I An Adult Woman If I Can't Handle Sephora?

The BEST way to learn about makeup is to watch Youtube tutorials. This way you can see the products in action and decide for yourself if that is what you what. Just walking into Sephora or any makeup store is a bad way to experiment, because it is those people's job to upsell (believe me, I worked at a Macy's cosmetic counter). Youtube tutorials are free and you can watch them at your own leisure and discreetly. I recommend Michelle Phan's tutorials highly. I also love itsjudytime and GlamlifeGuru. Pixiwoo is usually good. Lisa Eldridge is my all-time fave - lovely British accent you can listen to for hours, and she's a top pro in the industry. I have one meaningful thing to say about drugstore vs. high end makeup, which is that without a doubt eye shadows are not worth your money at the drug store. It is REALLY worth it to get a palette of higher-end shadows. The Urban Decay naked palette is beautiful and full of awesome, neutral shades. Good luck ladies...

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On Tips For The Suddenly Unemployed (From the Recently Suddenly Unemployed)

This is an EXCELLENT post. Clear, useful, and sympathetic advice. When stuff like this happens, the way I react is letting all of my present needs, worries about the future, and my conflicting feelings all hit me at once and then I freak out and can't do anything productive. This article seems tailored to helping you do the opposite. To anyone recently unemployed... I promise you'll be ok!

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On How Capitalism Explains Why Processed Food is Bad for You

Great article. I wish more people fully understood the concept that most of the food available out there isn't designed to be good for us.

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On It's Time to Quit the Job You Hate and Figure Out What Really Matters

Cried. Mike Dang is the best. Go be with your Mom LW, MD speaks the truth.

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On Gotta Balance That Budget Kids

@novembertea I guess I can also add that I'm looking for a teaching job next year (Music - I know, I know what was I thinking) and hearing that thousands more teachers were just added to the competition for meager jobs makes me feel like my search is even more hopeless.

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On Gotta Balance That Budget Kids

This news deeply troubles me. Innocent children, and people who have devoted their lives to those children, are made to pay economically, intellectually and emotionally because their government believes war is more important. This is an enormous tragedy.

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On 2 Ways to Interpret: "Well, My Parents Pay My Phone Bill, So"

I had my own line and my own account that I paid for ($55 a month) from the ages of 17 to 21. Only when my Dad got a job that gave him a company phone did my parents invite me on the family plan to take over his line. It didn't cost them any more, and it saved me a bundle. I'm 24 now and we still have that situation because my Dad still has a company phone.

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On Bring Back the Debtors' Prison! Take Me I'm Yours

Are you eligible for IBR? It has been a lifesaver for me. I made all of 10k or so in 2012 and if I didn't have IBR, I would be in serious trouble. Basically if you can get into IBR, your payments correspond to your income and the payments will never become bigger than the payments would be on a 10-yr repayment plan on the original debt (so interest accrueing isn't going to enlarge your payments if you are too poor to pay right now like me). IBR virtually only applies to Stafford loans - private loans and Perkins loans do not apply. I have 45k ish in debt total, all Stafford and Perkins. I am resolved to keep up with paying the Perkins loans because I'll have them paid off in 4 years under the plan. Except this summer because I don't have work, I'll be deferring them. Also I live at home. Yay.

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