On TV, A La Carte

I love my antenna for watching local channels, so I can watch live events for free! And I can watch PBS, yay! Basically we have an antenna and we stream Netflix onto our TV through the Wii. It's pretty ideal.

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On 'It Was Funny to Write the IRS a Check That Was Bigger Than One Year's Salary'

This was so interesting! I would love to hear from your mom or your husband, about what it feels like to marry into money. You seem really awesome and level headed. Having money is a huge responsibility, and it's good you're not taking it lightly.

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On A Conversation with Helaine Olen About the Dark Side of the Personal Finance Industrial Complex

This was absolutely fantastic. I guess I have to say I do believe in cutting down on things like overpriced cable, coffee, and smart phones: we don't NEED those things. I'd rather pay a little for Netflix, make my own coffee exactly to my specifications, and have a basic phone, so I can have extra money to eat better food and travel. Studies have shown that spending money on experiences instead of stuff you don't need makes you happier in the long run, and I'm a big believer in that. Saving money, paying off credit cards, having good credit in general - all of that was really instilled in me by my parents, and I'm so grateful. I can't wait to read this book!

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On A Conversation with Helaine Olen About the Dark Side of the Personal Finance Industrial Complex

@Mrs. Beeton I had to look it up, too! Wiki says, "An index fund or index tracker is a collective investment scheme (usually a mutual fund or exchange-traded fund) that aims to replicate the movements of an index of a specific financial market, or a set of rules of ownership that are held constant, regardless of market conditions. As of 2007, index funds made up over 11% of equity mutual fund assets in the US."

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On An Airport Mixup and a Text from Mom Helped Me Ask for What I Wanted

As an airline employee, I can't emphasize enough how much your attitude impacts what you get out of situations like this. We have a lot of wiggle room to help out a passenger in a difficult situation, and if you're friendly and don't ask for things that are crazy-unreasonable, you will usually be accomodated! I'm glad that everything went alright, and I am especially glad that you learned how to ask for what you want :).

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On A Car Passed Down, A Father Pays it Forward

This article makes me so happy. I've had so many conversations with my dad that sounded a lot like yours :). I shared this article with him. Thank you.

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On Crushing Debt Drove Me to Kosovo — And Then to Iraq

LOVED THIS. The things you have to do to pay off your debts... wow.

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On We All Buy Poison, All the Time

OMG!!!! This is definitely one of the most upsetting things I've read in a while... will be sharing!

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On Do You Have Health Insurance?

I can't even believe how awesome my health insurance is! I'm a customer service agent for an airline, and my pay is not great, but my health insurance is through Aetna and I pay less than $50 a month. My co-pay is $20 for general stuff & $30 for specialists. It covers just about everything including if I get pregnant. I have free dental care & could have very cheap vision insurance if I wanted it. I feel a little better about my mediocre job today!

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On 'Titanic 3D': Leo's Still Swoonworthy, But is it Worth Watching Again?

I really think Rose was a virgin till she hooked up with Jack. That's why she was holding out on Billy Zane (who is really super hot to me now, but I definitely didn't see that when I was 12!) I really, really enjoyed rewatching it in the theater. Titanic is made to be watched on a giant screen with surround sound. And I liked the 3D. It made me re-appreciate a movie that I'd been making fun of since I got past my middle school love affair with Jack & Rose.

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