On How a 5 Percenter in Los Angeles Does Money

Thanks for doing this, Daniel. It's funny because I'm in a pretty similar spot in LA (and was profiled here a while back!) and it's interesting to see how someone a bit older and with kids feels. I'm curious what you paid for your house, as well - we just bought one in LA in 2013 and it seems like there's a BIG swing in how that affects finances and perceived wealth.

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On 40-Hour Workweek My Aunt Fanny

I'm not unionized, and I make more than I would if I were. (But I'm a contractor, so no benefits. But, also, BENEFITS ARE A SCAM)

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On The Cost of a False Sense of Security: One $95 Earthquake Kit

A little earthquake safety advice from the west coast: running outside is probably the most dangerous thing you can do during an earthquake. Most injuries and deaths during a quake aren't from buildings collapsing, they're from people getting hit on the head by falling bricks our tripping while running around.

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On On Who Pays Writers & Being Really Interested In That $50

Yeah, n+1 is more interested in placing themselves as gatekeepers of their socialist-ist utopia for anxious writers than in actually improving anything. "We're the good guys" is what you say when you get caught being a bad guy. Also, the idea that getting paid for something devalues it is mind-boggling.

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On "Choosing THE RIGHT School": BS or Total BS?

BS, but only because "buying a house in a good school district" is MORE BS.

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On Trust Fund Babies: They're Just Like Us?

It's a question of incentives. I have a couple friends with trust funds, and a bunch without. The trust fund ones never have any money, because they spend it all immediately. Their savings plans tend to be "use my parents' money to get what I need." None of them have any kind of safety net or plan for what to do if they lose their jobs. (Of course, all of them have jobs and not careers, too.) Personally, I think inheritance should be illegal because of what it does to parents and to kids both.

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On Hobby Lobby Ruling Isn't Just Anti-Woman; It's Anti-Employee

@Ester Bloom I haven't heard anyone present evidence that they're actually saving money by not paying for contraception? I mean, I'm sure they are, but relative to other line items it seems weird to suggest that they're not religiously sincere.

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On Raising Kids to Trust People but Distrust Corporations

This is fair as far as it goes, but seems to leave out the 'fucked up small business.' How many people have worked at a restaurant run by a family that skimmed tips, or a small office with a boss who would fuck you over on promotions if you hadn't been nice enough? On the flip side, do you tell your kids to distrust Trader Joe's, too?

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On Is Air Conditioning Worth It?

This is kind of weird, though, because it's not like there's just "A/C." You can raise and lower the temperature! We have a middle ground here that's not just "leave it running 24/7," you know?

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On Defining 'Rich'

@jalmondale Frankly, if you're paying almost $70k in taxes in CA on $160k income, you need a new damn accountant.

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