On Do 1 Thing! Because Things Are Good

I have two things I really need to do today: - Buy plane tickets to go to the boyfriend's graduation in two weeks so we can get the hotel situation figured out. - Clean my apartment so it's not a total mess when he flies in to visit tomorrow. The plane tickets worry me a little bit because things are a little tight right now (Companies, please pay your consultant/contract employees promptly! It makes us sad/nervous when you don't.), but I should be able to swing it.

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On Do or Do Not 1 Thing; There Is No Try

My one thing: Do the dishes. I'm leaving for the weekend tomorrow and the dish situation is *dire* right now. In the realm of dishes, I can be less than a functional adult sometimes...

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On Friday Estimate

I was about to say I’m aiming for a cheap weekend, and then I remembered how much this afternoon is going to cost. Today: Got breakfast already ($11.75, because delicious pastries). After work I’m heading over to my first therapy session ($120 out of pocket since this therapist doesn’t take my insurance (Molina Healthcare). Thanks for nothing, Molina). After that I’m hosting a board game night ($10 to pick up snacks). Saturday: Breakfast at the neighborhood bakery ($9). Then I’ll probably spend the day cleaning (~$15 to do all my laundry), hanging out, and generally not being up to much. However, I should probably grocery shop for the week ($60). Sunday: Breakfast ($9), followed by meeting up with my writing group at a coffee shop ($5 for a drink). After that I have a D&D game to play in ($0), and then will probably just spend the evening reading or Skyping with the boyfriend ($0 + frustration at geographical distance). Total: $239.75, the slight majority of which is just for the therapy appointment. Ugh, that is a lot of money. At least I’m hopeful the mental health portion of it will be worth it.

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On Thursdays Mean Doing That 1 Thing

I really, really need to do my estimated taxes and drop them in the mail. So I suppose that's my 1 Thing this week.

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On Monday Check-In

Let's see if I can remember everything. Friday: Went home, didn't get coffee, hosted a board game night where I made popcorn for the group ($0) and someone else helped by bringing snacks ($0 and extra gratefulness from me!). Saturday: Breakfast at the bakery ($8). Didn't go grocery shopping. Puttered around the house, did some cleaning, and played Dishonored ($0). Sunday: Laundry ($2.75 for one load), then breakfast at the bakery ($9). Coffee at writer's group ($5). Tip for the guy who makes balanced rock sculptures on the sidewalk ($1). Went to my RPG group ($0), and then went on a grocery run on the way back home ($49.61). I also went and ordered Men at Arms from Barnes and Noble for the book club this month ($7.87). Total: $83.23 Estimated: $86 (+$200 if I reserved my hotel room this weekend, which I didn't.) I guess I was right on target! Nice. Although I still need to reserve that hotel room for the weekend after next, which will be a big chunk of change.

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On Friday Estimate

Today: After work I need to go running ($0). I'm hosting a game night, but I'll make snacks from what I have around. I might also go spend some time chilling at the coffee shop ($5) and do some work or read or something. Tomorrow: I have zero plans. Will probably get breakfast from the bakery ($8) and go grocery shopping at some point ($60ish?). Sunday: Bakery breakfast again ($8). After that I'll be meeting up with my writer's group at a coffee shop ($5 for a drink). That afternoon is a tabletop RPG session (Fate Core, woo) ($0). The evening will probably be spent batch cooking, with a side of cursing I didn't start sooner. Estimated total: $86. This might go way higher (+$200ish) if I reserve my hotel room for visiting my boyfriend in two weeks.

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On Who Knows One [Thing]? I Know One [Thing]

@Blackbird I managed it! I haven't set up my budgets yet, but at least all my transactions are in.

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On Who Knows One [Thing]? I Know One [Thing]

My one thing is to try and get my YNAB stuff back up and running and update it with the expenses of the first few days this month. Hopefully it shouldn't be too painful.

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On Do Do That 1 Thing That You Do So Well

I should renew my prescription and take out my trash/recycling/food scraps. That is technically two things, but oh well! I also already put in an application to get a therapist, which I've put off for far too long. So I'm feeling pretty good about that. (ETA: I also live in Seattle. Taking out and washing the compost bin is *the worst.*)

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On Money I Spent To Make Money Teaching Yoga

Okay, so this is only tangentially related, but I had no idea there are yoga DVDs on Netflix and now I'm wondering: does anyone have any recommendations? I've been wanting to try yoga for a while but the idea being the complete noob in the class wigs me out, so a DVD or two seems like a good place to start.

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