On Do 1 Thing Before 1 Thing Does You

My one thing is to deal with yearly car stuff. I need to call my car insurance company and see when they're sending me renewal paperwork, and to update my address with them. I also need to to renew my registration. So this will be expensive *and* tedious, oh boy!

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On Every Little Thing She Does Is 1 Thing

One things I should do today: - Deposit checks that have been riding around in my wallet forever. - Start hanging art, as I've been moved in for over a month but all my art is still leaning against the fireplace and/or wall. - Check on my auto and renter's insurance and figure out when I need to renew it. (They're both annual policies, and I know they're ending soon, but I don't know if they auto-renew or not.) - Make a list of where I need to change my address at and start changing my address to my new address for my car, driver's license, bank, etc, etc. Especially since USPS's mail forwarding has been utterly failing me and keeps delivering my stuff to my old apartment. (Thankfully my old roommates have been kind enough to let me know when I get mail and bringing it along when I see them.) None of these are going to be particularly fun, but they should hopefully just be somewhat tedious and not take *too* long.

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On Do 1 Thing Baby Just Do 1 Thing

My one thing is to call the electric utility company, because despite the fact that I have an account for my new(ish, lease started June 1st) address, my apartment manager just got the bill instead of me! So that needs to get sorted out. Which means a phone call, which will be awful. But the peace of mind of having this all sorted will be worth it in the end, I hope.

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On Help, I'm Hooked on Battery-Operated Toothbrushes

I keep meaning to get a Sonicare because of that two-minute timer. I have no discipline when it comes to making sure I brush my teeth long enough (I just scrub about 10 times across every surface and call it good), so it seems like it'd be worth it from a proper-brushing-enforcement perspective. It helps that my family had one when I was in high school and I saw really good results when I used it then. Now I just need to figure out how to get myself to floss more regularly (*embarrassed cough* more than once a month *embarrassed cough*).

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On The Cost of One Resolution, Halfway Through the Year

@LookUponMyWorks Come to Seattle! We have rain. And a bunch of awesome bookstores and parks!

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On The Billfold Book Club: Suze Orman's 'The Money Book for the Young, Fabulous & Broke'

@HelloTheFuture Nice! I think the main interest I ran into was that made me go "man, I wish" savings accounts getting something like 4% interest. If someone's seen an account like that, let me know so I can put all my money in it, okay?

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On The Billfold Book Club: Suze Orman's 'The Money Book for the Young, Fabulous & Broke'

@LookUponMyWorks I think that bit was specifically about retirement accounts. But yeah, I read the original 2004 hardback and pretty much every interest rate mentioned seemed...incredibly optimistic, to say the least. (ETA: At least by current, 2014 standards.)

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On Monday Check-in

The weekend went better than I thought it would despite an impulse purchase, but I also didn't get the major thing (gym joining) done, which helped save a a chunk of change. Friday: Friends came over and we hung out, ate previously-purchased snacks ($0), and played the Pathfinder Adventure Card game. We also wandered around the neighborhood in search of late night coffee, and instead only found late night pie ($0, as I can't have wheat ;_; ). Saturday: Bakery breakfast ($8) before meeting up with a friend and going down to the pub to watch the Argentina vs. Iran World Cup game ($0, as I didn't end up getting anything). While I was cheering for Argentina and am happy that they won, Iran played an awesome game and honestly deserved to win (or at least tie). After that I realized I'd forgotten it was free RPG day, so we went over to the The Dreaming, an awesome little comics/games shop, and picked up a few free RPG things. I also realized they had all the issues of The Midas Flesh that I needed to catch up on, so I picked those up ($14). On the way back to drop him off, we went past the Safeway where I picked up my prescription ($15) and some Daiya cheese ($8), then went grocery shopping, where I picked up almost everything I'll need for the week ($56). After that I went home, was tired, and did a few things that needing doing in/around the house, but not nearly enough. Sunday: Got up and went hiking ($0), stopping at the bakery on the way ($7). While I was there my old roommate gave me some mail, which included a car insurance bill ($15. I pay by the year, but apparently they missed a few bucks when they charged me my initial fee). After that, went back to my place to play Pathfinder for a few hours ($0, the GM brought the snacks). That evening I finished up an e-mail I'd been writing, ate dinner, and worked on reading more of the Suze Orman book for the Billfold book club. Total: $123, well under my estimate of $159. It looks like the gym I'll probably be joining (going today to check it out) is $38/mo, so even if I include that I'll be at $161, which is damn close despite two unexpected expenses. Yay?

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On Friday Estimate

This weekend will hopefully be cheap, as I have been moving over the last few weeks which resulted in so much spending it felt like putting my money in a pile and setting it on fire. (New beds are expensive, everyone!) Tonight: Small grocery run ($15) to refill a few things ahead of my big stock up on Sunday or Monday. Also need to get a prescription refilled ($15). Friends are coming over tonight for board games, and I've already bought snacks ($0). Saturday: Going with my friend to the pub near my apartment to watch Argentina's World Cup game at 9 AM. I'll likely get breakfast beforehand at the bakery down the street ($8), but I'll still get something while I'm there ($5). That afternoon I'll be going to a sci-fi writer's meetup, which I'll need to pick up a shareable snack for the group for ($5). I'll probably also do laundry at some point ($8). Sunday: Bakery breakfast ($8), then "Hiking" (walking around a big nature area with nice paths) in the morning ($0). Then a Pathfinder game at my place ($5 to provide snacks). At some point either Saturday or Sunday I need to join the neighborhood gym ($30? I think?), and go grocery shopping for the week ($60). Total: $159, if I didn't totally miss my math, which feels pretty good given the number of things I'm doing. And the gym membership is an investment, right? Right? >_>

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On The Billfold Book Club Has Chosen: Suze Orman's 'The Money Book For The Young, Fabulous, and Broke'

I just found this while browsing the thrift store today, so I guess I'm in! This is going to be interesting.

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