On Monday Check-in

Friday: Went to Whole Foods to buy snacks for the board game night I was hosting as well as picking up a few other groceries I can't buy at Trader Joe's ($23.00). Saturday: Breakfast at the Cafe as normal ($8). Went and got a SIM card for my new phone (free, surprisingly, though due to some account permission issues it took far longer than it should have). While I was waiting for stuff to process, I went over to a local comic/game shop and picked up a few cheap magic cards (99 cents). Later in the evening I did a grocery run ($20) and picked up the latest Storybundle because I really want to read the American Gods novella ($12). Sunday: Went to the bakery to have breakfast ($7). Our Fate Core game ran a little short, which gave me time to re-read Azrael's Stop ($5 for the e-book) so I could refresh myself on the world and write a short story for their anthology. (The due date is a week from today, so I better hustle!) Total: $75.99. Which I feel decent about given some of the unplanned purchases, but I do need to make another grocery store run at some point (I'm lower on some staples than I thought), so this week won't be as cheap as I'd have liked.

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On Friday Estimate

This might end up being a low-spend weekend just because I have no idea what to do with my time. Tonight (Friday): Board game night, for which I will buy snacks ($15). This might go up if I decide to buy a bottle of whiskey, given Washington's bottle tax, but that probably won't happen this week. Saturday: No plans. Will get breakfast at the coffee shop in the morning ($7). Might try to go hiking somewhere (free to $10, depending on if I need to pay for parking and/or buy snacks), try to find someplace to meet new people (I'm rather bad at this, unfortunately, and don't really know where to start), or go to the thrift store ($20). I'll likely also need to go grocery shopping for the next week ($60). Sunday: Bakery breakfast ($8). Fate Core game (privateer adventures on the high seas!) ($0). Other than that, I'll probably be making baked oatmeal for the next week's breakfasts and getting some work done ($0). Total:$90-$110, depending on what (if anything) goes on on Saturday.

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On Rejected

@meatballsub Ugh, yeah. I've had that issue with nearly every company I interviewed for at my last job search. "We'll get back to you either way" followed by nothing. It's the worst, especially since a lot of the companies I was interviewing at had unexpected delays in their hiring process due to people being busy. I was always left wondering if they legitimately hadn't gotten to sending out rejections yet or if they'd just decided not to bother.

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On I Don't Sleep I Just Dream of 1 Thing

I'm going to fill out the paperwork I'll need for my doctor's appointment tomorrow. The same paperwork I've had for two weeks now.

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On Monday Check-In

Yay, check-in time. Friday: Went to the doctor ($15 copay, and $3 for parking). Found out my ears are clogging up because of allergies, which is a lame cause but much better than many of the alternatives. Went and bought claritin ($25.73, as I bought some other things with it). Then I had people over for board games ($0). We finally got to play The Resistance: Avalon and had an *awesome* time. Saturday: Productive day, and not a lot of money spent. Went to the coffee shop ($7) and then spent the rest of the day doing writing and game design work, with a splash of Pokemon X playing. Sunday: Went to the bakery in the morning for breakfast ($8), and then headed off to play in a Fate Core RPG game for the afternoon ($0). Afterwards I went grocery shopping ($5.49 at Whole foods for GF steel-cut oatmeal and $51.99 at Trader Joe's for the rest of what I need this week). Total: $116.21, juuuuust over my $113 estimate. (I did forget I needed to pay for parking at the doc's office, and the claritin cost more than I thought it would.) I still didn't order the new phone, though. I know it's a worthwhile long term investment, but plopping down that much money all at once is a scary thought. (Of course, my current phone made a case for it by randomly inserting 8's while I was using the calculator. :P)

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On Here Is Your Open Thread

@andnowlights Yeah, even with monday off this week just felt like the longest ever. It didn't help that I felt I needed to be at work but didn't have enough to do, and even doing what I needed to do was a drag due to lack of energy.

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On Friday Estimate

Throwing my estimate hat into the ring. Only one major purchase that really should happen this weekend (new phone, like $400 ugh), but other than that I'm trying to keep it cheap. Friday/Tonight: Doctor's appointment this afternoon for my malfunctioning ears ($15 copay, possibly more if I need to go get meds). Snacks for game night tonight ($5-$10, hopefully will get some cash chipped in from others). Saturday: No plans. Will go to the coffee shop in the morning ($8). Might take the time to work on this month's budget (and my budget for the future, as I"m saving up to move in June), catch up on personal work, and/or go out for a long walk or something similar. Will probably do my grocery shopping for the next week ($60). Sunday: Fate Core RPG game at the GM's apartment ($0). I think that's it, actually. I'm going to throw in $20 for possible second coffee shop trip, overages on groceries, or something similar. Total: $113, assuming everything is max expensive, and not including the phone.

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On Friday Estimate

This weekend is coming on the heels of working many, many extra hours (four 10+ hour days in a row, plus whatever happens today), so I'm shaky on if it'll be a "curl up in a ball and sleep" weekend or a "oh god I need out of the house" weekend. So this estimate may well be demolished by the end of it. That said: Friday: Not sure when I'm getting off work yet. Hopefully in time to get home by 7. Vaguely planning on hanging out with my roommate and one of my friends, probably playing board games or the like ($0). I also need to go by the store on the way home to get some stuff for my screwed up ears ($5?) and likely a cookie, because long week was long ($5 for two, because my restricted diet makes cookies expensive). I suppose I could also bake them at home with stuff I already have. Decisions! Saturday: Coffee shop in the morning ($8). No plans for the afternoon. Might hike down to the BECU branch in my neighborhood and talk to them about opening up a set of accounts there. (Chase seems to be awful about having multiple savings accounts (fees and other restrictions), so I want to switch banks). In the evening is my roommate's Pathfinder game, which is good times and also free ($0). Sunday: Might trek out to the bakery in the morning for tea and GF pastry goodness ($8?). I should also make a grocery run, which may be cheaper than normal because I still have enough groceries from last week to make dinner for most of the week ($40-$60). I might also bite the bullet and pick up You Need a Budget ($60) to help me track spending and savings. I've found Mint is good for the spending side of things, but not so much for designating where you want your savings to go. I also have vague plans to hang out with a friend ($20, for food or possible book/game shopping). Monday: Not sure what I'm doing on Monday. Haven't decided whether to go into work (+$$$) or stay home and try to relax ($0?). I better decide quick, though, I have to notify the powers that be in my wrap-up e-mail this afternoon. Total: $164 on the high end, $73 on the low, if I did my math correctly (I probably didn't).

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On 1 Thing Is a Tragic Misstep in Evolution

@Blackbird Addendum: And get money from the roommates for said bills ASAP. Turns out electrically heating your house in the winter is *expensive.*

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On 1 Thing Is a Tragic Misstep in Evolution

My one thing is to pay all the bills today, because they're due over the next couple weeks and I'm worried if I don't do it now I'll forget and miss one. Thrilling, I know.

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