On Whoops, the $522 Haircut

My sister in law is an editor at a bridal mag, and so gets all kinds of free stuff. She was offered a cut at one of those crazy, $500 salons, but she said that she couldn't even enjoy it because the whole time she was terrified that she had misunderstood and would have to end up paying for it! (she didn't)

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On Hustles

@jquick Honestly, yes, yes I do? I don't have debt, I live in a hip neighborhood, I save for retirement, I eat out, I travel, and I support my mom. Although I wouldn't mind making more, I definitely don't *need* to, especially since I don't plan on having kids.

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On Hustles

Dude, everyday I'm hustling. I had a free payphone scam when I was in high school that involved calling a private operator and telling her them that I was having trouble getting a (long distance) call to go through. It worked for about a year before they caught on. I've done medical studies and focus groups, and I sell shit on etsy and in craft fairs and teach dabble classes every once in a while. Even though I have a full time job and make more money than ever before in my life ($38K a year) I am always looking for a way to pull in extra cash. I assume I just always will be?

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On Citywide Blight Due to Shady Donation Boxes

@Allison I was just coming down here to recommend the Brown Elephant! I knew about the scam boxes, Salvation Army isn't getting a dime from my gay, jewish ass, and goodwill has REALLY bad employment policies for people with disabilities, but the Brown Elephant are AWESOME! They have a drop off bin at this Walgreens in wicker park: http://goo.gl/maps/sE70K

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On Figuring Out a Career While Being Married to an Academic

Ugh. This hits almost too close to home to read. My partner is finishing a PhD at a university that has a 100% placement rate for his department, and despite a Fulbright, several publications and really glowing recommendations from his dissertation committee, the job process has been BLEAK. Right now we've given up on tenure track positions, and are holding out hope for a visiting professorship or post-doc fellowship. But most of those are just one year. So it would mean either quitting my job (that I love) and moving someplace just to have to pack up and move again after a year. Or doing the long distance thing for a year and going through the whole stress and anxiety of the job hunt again next year. I've known what I was getting into for a decade now, and I really thought I was prepared. I'm not ambitious, I do fundraising so I can work anywhere, I am pretty casual about where I live, but this past six months have DESTROYED me. I'm more anxious and depressed than I've been in years and it's still not over. At least we're not a double PhD couple though, cause that shit is insane.

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On The Cost Of Mental Health Care for a Semi-insured 23-year-old

@pandaonaplane I have also found in my experience that LCSW's often have better politics, and are more willing to talk about issues of race/class/gender etc which definitely impact my mental health. Although that could just be the LCSWs that I've seen, I've definitely seen like 15 mental health professionals over the course of my life, and the best ones have all been social workers.

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On The Cost Of Mental Health Care for a Semi-insured 23-year-old

THIS! OMG this! Finding a therapist who takes your insurance is basically impossible, ESPECIALLY when you are already depressed and calling one therapist and finding out it won't work is a monumental effort. UGH. I am currently spending about $40 a week on acupuncture and herbs for other things but also depression and anxiety and the idea of a) finding a therapist and b) paying for it and c) finding the time and money to do both of those things is more than i can deal with right now.

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On Side Gig of the Day: Kid's Party Clown

True story: I was once organizing an event with Mairead, and she volunteered to bring props for the photo booth. She showed up with a really fantastic box of props and when I asked why she had so many props she was like "well you know how when you're between jobs and you work as a party clown? these are all my clown supplies." She said it like it was NBD and it kind of blew my mind.

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On On Food, Farmers' Markets and the Farm Bill

@Carmen Aiken@facebook They totally do! I actually know the Experimental Station well, but I came across that blog post a couple of weeks ago and was like WHOA! This is awesome!

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On Why Do We Tolerate Whole Foods-ian Pseudoscience?

@ellabella THANK YOU! I was just logging in to say exactly that! Even "oil pulling" has been shown to be effective in improving oral health (or so wikipedia tells me).

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