On Books I Acquired Last Year for Little or No Money

@kellyography Church rummage sales are one of my favorite places to pick up used books...but they are admittedly a total crapshoot. Sometimes their book tables are full of nothing but religious-themed fiction and non-fiction or (shudder) self-help/diet books. But sometimes you can leave with an armload of good stuff and only have shelled out four or five bucks.

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On Books I Acquired Last Year for Little or No Money

@Megano! You don't have to feel bad about buying remainders (the stuff in the bargain bin)! You may not be directly supporting the author or the publisher, but you're keeping books in circulation (some of them might be destroyed if not for remaindering) AND you're supporting your bookstore. I work for a large independent bookstore and I can tell you that of all the books we sell (virtually all of which must be sold at a price point set by the publishers so there's not much wiggle room there), they have the biggest profit margin for us. But I hope you get steady employment for your sake and not so much for the sake of the booksellers (though, thanks!).

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On How The American Express Gift Card Became the Bane of My Existence

@Genghis Khat Oh, I worked at a nationwide chain of big box stores and we always had to know exactly how much was on the card to run it without getting a decline, but that was about five years ago, so maybe things are different now. I personally also had difficulty using mine at JC Penney (ugh, I know, but I was trying to use it to buy bras) last year in a split tender transaction. So maybe some systems/stores (not to mention individual cashiers...) are better than others.

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On How The American Express Gift Card Became the Bane of My Existence

@MuffyStJohn @Genghis Khat I wish it were that easy! I've received Visa gift cards as a gift before, and a lot of cashiers seemed confused by and/or suspicious of them, and I had a couple of different cashiers tell me that they wouldn't take them. I also had a couple of other cashiers that made a mistake (or didn't listen?) and tried to charge more than what was on the card (even when I told them the balance of the card and that they would have to enter that amount) so the card was declined and then they wouldn't try again. And all of this was especially annoying to me because I was a cashier for many, many years and know that (depending on the type of point-of-sale system you're using), it usually isn't difficult to split tender. But at the same time, I would usually get annoyed with people using these cards because I would say that approximately 99% of people who try to use them don't know that you have to know exactly how much is on the card to be able to use it and then they'd get mad at ME because I couldn't take the card.

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On 'Eggs on a Roll' Part II

Reading these comments is making me hungry, and it's also making the pb&j I brought for lunch today sound pretty pathetic.

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On 'No Ticket!'

@stuffisthings I did the same thing in Frankfurt--got on a train going the wrong way at the airport. In my defense: it was dark, and I had flown from Munich to Berlin to Frankfurt in one day so by that point I didn't know which way was up, and I confused "Frankfurt am Main" with a train going in the direction of "Mainz." But still, DUH. Fortunately, I had bought a ticket that was good for 24 hours and could easily get me back into town and to the airort the next morning for my flight back to the US, no worries. UNfortunately, I was so preoccupied with trying to look like I meant to take the train to the middle of nowhere that I didn't notice until I had stepped off the train and it started pulling away that I had dropped my wallet, which carried not only my license, credit & debit cards, and my last 40 euros, but also that precious 8 euro train ticket. So I rode back into Frankfurt (after waiting half an hour for the next train) without a ticket. And that is the story of the only time I dodged a fare--I'm too much of a nervous and not-that-lucky goody-two-shoes to ever attempt it unless I'm pretty much forced to by über-shitty circumstances...

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On 'No Ticket!'

@mirror_father_mirror Unrelated, but...your username!!!! So great.

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On The State of Things: The Two Logans, and Mike Premeditates

@Reginal T. Squirge I was about to say...gone in three days would definitely be a record long time for me when it comes to Ben & Jerry's.

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On When Half Your Income Goes to Rent

@EvelynGarcia I know; I tend to get really tired of the NYC IS THE ONLY PLACE mentality...but I guess that's what I get for looking at the internet because All The Bloggers live there (even though you can theoretically blog from anywhere, right?).

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On What I Gained After I Accidentally Lost My Taste for Liquor

@AnnieNilsson Well then, by all means carry on with your club soda drinking! It tastes so plain and sad to me and reminds me of, like, how you find out some character on a TV show used to be an alcoholic--they order "club soda with a twist." But then again, I've gone to bars and just drunk free ice water (but I still tipped because I felt bad)...

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