On Here Is Your Open Thread

@Katni Haha, so glad I wasn't alone in my misspent youth. Hey, eSports patrons--if you want to save some money, I still have my ex's contact info in my phone!

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On Here Is Your Open Thread

@Josh Michtom@facebook Just how sad and lonely is your life that you have to pay to watch other people play video games? It should not be that hard to find other people who let you watch them them play for free.

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On Yakkin' About Baby Showers

@tw0lle But if you don't choose to have a baby, you don't need to have a bunch of baby stuff. I get that wedding showers mean less now that people marry later and tend to have household good already, but there's nothing saying single people can't have housewarmings. I don't want a wedding and am reaching an age where unless I make some massive life changes, kids are out of the question. But there's still my birthday and Christmas if I want presents. "Rather arbitrary gifts from Amazon" is how my grandma does the holidays.

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On Class on TV: Getting More Ham-fisted?

Also: there's a lot more class variety in the big procedurals (like, the relationship between class and the military in this country is both important & interesting, but I never see anyone trying to tackle NCIS in these kind of analyses, plus Elementary also does some really interesting stuff, if you want to stick to "adults supported wealthy parents" as theme--but it does that while including a lot of both class and racial diversity), and those get completely passed over.

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On Class on TV: Getting More Ham-fisted?

Ugh, the amount of ink spilled on a pay-cable show whose audience is small even by pay-cable standards is a pretty darn good demonstration of privilege on its own.

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On What It's Like to Work as a Professional Frozen Food Taster

@Katni "it's only good for potatoes" sounds like a bad joke about a liberal arts degree.

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On An Accident Paid Off My MFA Debt

@guenna77 Seriously. I got to that part and was like, "why are you feeling sleazy? You're not the one who hurt a person with their car."

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On How Long Should Paternity Leave Be?

@ATF My cousin is lucky enough to work someplace that gives the same amount of paternity leave as maternity leave, and it led to the same sort of equitable parenting you're describing. (It probably helps that my cousin really wanted to be a dad.)

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On Why Honeycrisps Cost So Much

@samburger yeah, I thought the answer was going to be "it's March! Apples aren't in season!" Out of season produce is always more expensive (and not always as good). How citified are people?

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On When We Took the SAT

I am pissed that my generation got that stupid added writing section, that they're taking out now. Also, I got an 800 on the Critical Reading (is it still called that, or did they go back to Verbal?) which I flaunted in the face of the rich kids who paid for classes (I skimmed a Princeton Review book, mostly for the new writing section, since I wanted to know what to expect on that.) The GRE was the dumbest test I ever took. The math was easier than the math on the SAT, and I didn't take a single math class in college. Also, what English grad program is going to give a shit about my ability to do math? I can't remember my score (it was respectable, though I was disappointed not to pull out a perfect one again), but then again I never went to grad school and have zero plans to. But seriously, I took zero multiple choice tests in college, and I'm pretty sure by grad school they expect more of you (research!). I feel like these tests measure nothing than how good the College Board is at getting money.

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