On KonMarie and Me

@Runawaytwin Okay, but decent sweaters should last more than 3 years, yes? I had a sweater from H&M--not exactly known for their long-lasting clothes--from almost a decade ago that was still in good shape. (It went to Goodwill because I finally admitted it no longer fit me.)

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On When Your Paycheck Is What Keeps You From Achieving Your Goals

I earned about $20,000 a year at my first job out of college. I know I was in a big city with a MUCH higher cost of living, but I still cannot wrap my head around supporting 6 kids and an out-of-work husband on that salary. (It does put the less-than-300 per month student loan payments I was making into real perspective.)

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On When Your Paycheck Is What Keeps You From Achieving Your Goals

@jalmondale I had friends who weren’t on a budget at all, and didn’t understand why I never went to restaurants with them. Your friends in college who couldn’t budget were the same age (or slightly older!) than the couple who are blowing their money on candy and a tattoo instead fixing their truck. The only difference is their parents probably earned a lot more than $28,000/year (as the one girl’s mother does). Like, yeah, their financial choices are dumb, but they’re TEENAGERS. I know/knew so many kids who just as bad with money, made equally stupid choices, but had the buffer of parents who could afford to send them to college (and had raised them with the expectation of “you WILL go to college” as an unquestionable next step after high school). Why do rich (and quite frankly, upper-middle class) teenagers get leeway to be dumb and make mistakes when poorer ones don’t? I am all for “get your shit together” but the only 18-year-olds I’ve met who truly have their shit together have MASSIVE amounts of family support that got them there.

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On On Calling Your Employees "Partners"

@fletchasketch "Sales associate" always bugged me, especially when 90% of the job was being a cashier.

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On On Calling Your Employees "Partners"

I have had poorly paid/unpaid jobs where I was a cast member! As these involved actually performing on stage, I didn't find the title too objectionable.

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On Controversy With Your Coffee And Other Recent Retail Innovations

I think all races can agree that nobody wants to have real conservations during the morning rush.

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On The Argument Against the Penny

I'm from Illinois, and I don't get the "Lincoln is on it" argument. He's also on the 5-dollar bill. We'll still have a Lincoln currency. He'll still be on Mount Rushmore and have a big memorial in Washington. His former home is nicely preserved in Springfield, and they've got his presidential library/museum there, too. "Lincoln impersonator" is an actual job, and according to one I spoke with, far more lucrative than regular acting. I'm sure the 49 non-Land of Lincoln states won't forget him.

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On Let's Argue About Prostitution

@Runawaytwin This is a very legitimate fear. Poor women (especially poor women of color) get enough crap as it is.

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On The Next Billfold Book Club Book is 'North and South'

@Worgchef I thought so too, and we're right! There's another novel called North & South (first in a trilogy) that takes place around the Civil War, and it was turned into miniseries with Swayze. (I must admit, I find Armitage far more compelling. The story he stars in, too.)

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On How the Other Half Lives

@Beans My first cellphone wasn't too far off from a local auto body shop. I would get angry voice messages demanding to know why they never picked up or called back. (Um, because you called a random high schooler who keeps her phone off for hours while she's in class.)

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