On Five Points of Advice to Young People on the Spending and Earning of Money, Part Four: Drugs and Prostitution

this put a lump in my throat. thank you.

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On Yes, Let's Talk About That Debt, Logan

Reading this warms my heart. Logan, you are very brave, and Mike, you are a good friend. It is really a huge thing that you can recognize these patterns and resolve to break them. You can do it!!! P.S. You have inspired me to be more responsible about my spending as well, so thank you. :)

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On Make Your Own: Chipotle Burrito Bowls

Dude, it takes a little more time (soaking overnight and 1-2 hours cooking in the morning) but fresh beans are sooo much better than canned. I use pinto beans and the magic ingredient, -->salt pork<--. Soak the beans, rinse them, cover them with about 4 inches of water, add maybe 50g of salt pork and simmer until they are soft. You can add garlic and/or chopped onions when they are almost done, and also ground cumin, salt/soy sauce, a teeny bit of cider vinegar, and/or fresh cilantro if you don't hate it, at the end. They'd probably b e great over cilantro lime rice which I will make this weekend, thank you for the excellent idea.

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On Thing I Do Right: Have Health Insurance

I have a high-deductible plan like Logan, but it also allows me to open an HSA, which is a bank account into which I can put money, tax-free, to cover the things I pay for before I reach my deductible. This means that as long as I document my expenses, the part of my income I use to pay for my health care (including chiropractic) is not taxed. And also, thanks to the Affordable Health Care Act or whatever it's called (which my state representative is for some reason trying like mad to get rid of, the asswaffle) I get annual checkups absolutely free.

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On The Rewards of Being Kind (Or How to Get a Dinner Reservation)

Yay for amazing burgers on your birthday! Oh and happy birthday, Mike!

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On I Like Paying Taxes

Thank you for writing this, Mike Dang. I don't make as much (and thus don't pay as much in taxes) as you do, but I feel the same way about paying them. It is a social contract that we have, for a long time, benefited from greatly. I really like this site--the difference in perspectives between you and Logan is nice, and but you're not at all polarized. I feel like I relate to both your experiences. Also, the posts are really thought-provoking. Every time I visit I enjoy what I read. Thanks to you both!

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