On What I Spent On My Vacation: Ecuador Edition

Yay Ecuador! My boyfriend's family is from there and bf's dad's best friend from childhood is currently building a luxe ecolodge in the rainforest. I saw a video of the construction site and so far to get there, you have to take a very perilous canoe ride through rapids and hike 10 miles on a winding, skinny trail up a mountain. They said they will build a bridge to go over the river and tame the trail a little, but it will still be 10 miles long. There is a beautiful cave near the building site that you have to wade through chest-deep water to explore... but it is gorgeous. I really want to go there when it's complete and sit in the hot springs and maybe even take ayahuasca? It seems like there is a lot of focus on nature, conservancy, and the environment in Ecuador which is great. Really pretty photos on this post- I want to visit there so badly.

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On Nobody Has to Be Perfect

In the article, the author said: A second possibility, trumpeted most recently in The Atlantic by Anne-Marie Slaughter in her examination of why women still can’t have it all, is to keep fighting the proverbial fights—for better day care, better family leaves, more flex time at work and co-parenting at home. This is what I agree with and what I think it all comes down to. We should take care of each other, and work for a society where you can earn a sustainable wage while providing a nourishing environment for your children. Men and women, rich and poor. Single moms, dads, and married couples.

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On It's a Great Day to Do That 1 Thing

@kellyography Sometimes I find to-do lists I wrote months ago and manaiacally check everything off. So satisfying!

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On They Called Her the Homeless Woman Who Lived With Us (I Called Her Gabrielle)

Poignant and beautiful. Checking this site at 2:00 PM is like opening a little present every day.

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On Things We Should Probably Know How to Do

@rimy (I use all of my fingers properly and don't look at the keyboard although I still have to look at the numbers)

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On Things We Should Probably Know How to Do

@probs I learned how to touch type thanks to Mavis Beacon / my 7th grade business skills class / in which we also learned to make neon flashing PowerPoint slide shows / html websites full of super sparkly/animated/clip arty icons.

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On Crushing Debt Drove Me to Kosovo — And Then to Iraq

All-consuming wanderlust after reading this. Amazing article, fascinating story, I think it takes The Billfold up another notch! I love the parallel storylines of debt repayment, career progression, danger/excitement, and your relationship. Also I am quite jealous/will be investigating that organization now. Thank you!

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