How I Got $1,000 Back From My Pot-Dealing Ex

I shouldn’t have continued dating Jason once I found out he sold weed. I probably should have just called it quits when he angrily threw a small McDonald’s French fry at me because I didn’t read his mind and buy a burger. And, I definitely shouldn’t have loaned him $1,000 over the course of the few months we dated.

The Cost of (Almost) Getting Bed Bugs in Los Angeles

There was no mistaking this captured family of bloodsuckers. Erin and Ben definitely had bed bugs.

I Was a Victim of Fraud and I Don’t Care

I didn’t buy that gas.

It Was Time to Say Peace to My Debt – And My Youth

Having it together is freaky.

30 Under 30: All My Jobs

All my jobs (so far).

The Siren Call of the Flash Sale Email

The sales! The sales!

A Very Specific Shoe Secret

A secret about (little) shoes.

My Cookie Scam Secret

A secret about cookies and scams.