On $100 Worth of Ice Cream From a Man Named Bubby

This behemoth serves eight to ten Americans, but there’s also a $50 “Little Kitchen Sink” sundae with eight scoops of ice cream which can probably feed eight to ten people from any other place in the world. Ha ha! Americans are fat! Ha ha ha! Our erudite, cosmopolitan readership will find this groundbreaking comedic observation hilarious! Do better, Grub Street.

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On Maybe Pittsburgh-Rich is Rich Enough

I went to Pitt, so I'm biased, but if I could find a job in Pittsburgh that pays what I make now at a company outside of Philadelphia, I would move back in a heartbeat. The tech industry is booming, the creative scene is thriving, and the cost of living is dirt cheap.

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On You Never Leave Houston

You don't need to sell me on Houston. When I visited Houston on a road trip through Texas last summer, I had the best Vietnamese food I've ever eaten, one of the most memorable donuts ever, amazing popsicles from a paleteria where I was the only patron who spoke English, saw The Heat in a movie theater with full bar, and got lost in the gem vault at the natural history museum. And all that was in just 36 hours! In fact I had such a shitty time in Austin that when I got home from my trip, I wished I'd spent more time in Houston and Dallas.

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On Caring Capitalism

I too would rather give directly to an organization rather than buy an item for its charity...but I really like the Tabitha Simmons x TOMS collab.

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On Another Thing About Lattes

@wrappedupinbooks @Allison I regret that I have but one upvote to give each of you.

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On Advice to Your 24-Year-Old Self

Clare: MOVE OUT. STAY MOVED OUT. Even when you get thrown out of the house you're renting because "you bring bad chi to the house" get some rando Craigslist roommates. DON'T GO BACK HOME. Literally every relationship in your life will suffer if you move back home.

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On My Last -$100 Bucks: Picking Up the Phone and Getting My Money Back

@PicNic I feel your pain. Lately I've been receiving a lot of 0% interest on purchase and balance transfers offers from other credit card companies. Last week I called Bank of America to find out if they would play ball and match the rate ("because I'd hate to have to go through the hassle of opening another card and transferring my balance"), and they would only bring the interest rate down by one percentage point.

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On A Friendly Chat With a Rich Person

@This_Rich_Person: Since you've been so candid, I want to ask you about how you handle the actual logistics of getting paid by your clients. I assume you are a vendor for most of your clients. Do they pay you monthly? Bi-monthly? Direct deposit or do they cut you a physical check? Do you put aside a chunk of each payment for when the tax bill comes due at the end of the year?

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On Teach For America Burned Me Out

The line that really stuck out to me was that after two years in TFA you could (paraphrased) "go into consulting." I assume for educational consulting companies, like the one my bocce teammate works for. She gets sent to failing schools around the country and tries to turn them around. This, even though she's never taught a class and knows nothing about classroom management or teacher-administrator relations outside what she's read in a textbook. (This is by her own admission.) As the daughter of two teachers, I find it unacceptable that there are more than a few young people who believe that by dint of doing a two-year stint in TFA (or, for the young turks in finance, getting an undergraduate degree from Wharton or Tuck) they're qualified to come in and totally upend the way a school runs without having the experience of worked as one of the rank and file they are ostensibly "helping." How are you going to learn where the system is flawed without working within the system? Asking people where it's flawed isn't the same thing. Whatever you do next, best of luck to you.

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On Places I've Lived: A Nanny's Room, the Perfect Sublet, and a Place You Can Instagram

Re: the far end of Manhattan Avenue, Greenpoint I think you lived near my one that got away. Did you ever notice an extremely tall guy with extremely red hair in your neighborhood? *wistful noises*

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