Cap & Gown Fashion Inspo For All You 2014 Grads

Any Billfolders graduating college come May? Grad school? Commencement-themed porno to participate in? DO THIS. I will be your best friend. Or post a photo of it. SFW only.

When The ‘Do It For The Love’ Advocates Are Advertisers

I am very curious about Astra Taylor’s new book, The People’s Platform: Taking Back Power and Culture in the Digital Age, and after reading this interview with her on The Rumpus, I am ready to add it to my nightstand book pile:

Louis CK’s 70% Rule For Decision-making

This GQ profile of Louis C.K. is short and sweet. Near the end, he outlines his rule for overcoming decision paralysis. Yesterday I talked a friend through her decision to open an IRA vs. have more money available in savings — so relevant! — and I wish I had this on-hand to copy and paste:

Hot People Support Inequality (Because They Are Better)

Ever had a good hair day that made you feel like the world was a just place and everyone inferior to you deserved their lot?

For Quartz, Elizabeth MacBride shares a study from Stanford Business School that confirms we are monsters. More specifically: how we feel about ourselves is very dynamic, and how we feel about inequality is dynamic, too. That is, when we think we look good, we tend to feel on top and support the hierarchies that put us there. Whoops:

Alert: Terrible And Somehow Legal Private Student Loan Provision

Well this is very uncool, via the NYT: “Student Loans Can Suddenly Come Due When Co-Signers Die, a Report Finds.”

Cheryl Strayed Talks Money

The latest issue of Scratch Mag is SO GOOD and filled with women I admire. An excerpt from Beth Lisick’s book (the best essay in the book, I think)! An Ellen Willis essay! And this amazing interview between Manjula Martin and Cheryl Strayed, where Strayed shares her advances for her first novel and her bestselling memoir, Wild ($100k and $400k, respectively), talks about what it’s like to have money now, the kind of credit card debt she went into writing these books (MUCH), and the difference between poverty and poverty by choice.

The Work of Opera Singing

For her excellent Times column “The Working Life,” Rachel Swarns talks to Jean Braham, a real life opera singer who has been working for The Met for 15 years. As the Met struggles to stay afloat financially, they’re debating ways to cut ‘labor costs’ and raising the old question of who gets paid to make art and why, and how much. I do love that question.

Freeman Dyson DGAF About Grad School

Quanta Magazine has a fun Q&A with Freeman Dyson, theoretical physicist and mathematician. Remember the Dyson Sphere? Yeah, that was him. Also: great ears.

Rather than wade further out of my depth, I will share this highlight:

A Female-Owned & Operated Marijuana Delivery Service

Over at The Cut, Allison Davis rides around with Alexi [not her real name], doing deliveries for Dope Girls LA, a female-owned and operated marijuana delivery service “made up of pretty ladies who are also weed experts.”

Emily Nussbaum Pretty Much Like Yeah, My Career Path No Longer Exists, Sorry

Emily Nussbaum was the subject of Rookie’s wonderful “Why Can’t I Be You?” interview series last week, where they talk to successful women about how they go to where they are in their careers, and how we can all grow up to be just like them. It is the best, and Nussbaum, TV critic for the New Yorker and inventor of NYMag’s Approval Matrix, serves it up bullshit-free:

Alert: There Is a Condom Shortage In Cuba

If you are planning a trip to Cuba some time in the near future, you may want to B.Y.O.C.:

Whoops, the $522 Haircut

Here is a nice harrowing tale for your Friday afternoon. The hilarious Carlye Wisel at Awkward City decided it was time to get an adult lady hairdo at a fancy salon. The only problem was she did not ask how much it would cost before she sat down in the chair. It was $522. Plus tip. CHILLS: