Here is Your Open Thread

Here it is.

Wages For Housework!

Wages for Housework is one of my favorite movements that will never happen but just talking about the possibility works to counteract the invisibility of this kind of labor. The Times has a nice roundtable debate on it.

Horrible Job of the Day: Hitler’s Food Taster

Well I may have finally found the worst job imaginable:

Overdrafting With Simple

I have a checking account with Simple, and now that we’ve combined finances it is my “fun money” account. My tagline for them is basically, “Simple: not as bad as most banks, but still a bank, ok?”

Aspiring To Be An Effortlessly Cool Woman With a $20 Flip Phone

Chiara Atik has written a very convincing ode to cool women who who eschew smart phones. They flirt without emojis and move about the world without announcing their place in it or taking photos of bar bathrooms.

Susan Miller Deserves a Vacation

As do we all. This interview with Susan Miller on The Cut about her demanding readers, her chronic illness, and her lack of vacation days is BASICALLY AMAZING. That is to say, people are horrible, she is amazing:

Aspiring To Be An Effortlessly Cool Woman With $400 Shoes

Emily Gould continues to write essays that unearth all the feelings under our barely-conscious money behavior, i.e., essays that we wish she would have written for us. This one is an excerpt from that one book, Women In Clothes, which is an anthology filled with writing by women that focuses on “style and its deeper meanings.”

For Only $2,499.95 This Deconstructed Sofa Can Be Yours

Well it’s Monday. Here is a couch.

Job of the Day: Silicon Valley Home Stager

Maria Caldwell is a home stager, which is a person you hire to “depersonalize” your home when you’re trying to sell it. It seems that “staging” and “depersonalizing” are euphemisms for hiding all your ugly shit and making you seem rich:

Pros and Cons of “The Uber for Housecleaning”

Lydia DePillis at the Washington Post wrote about the new “Uber for home cleaning” companies like the one I used this week. This one focuses on Homejoy, and smartly discusses a lot of the pros and cons.