On Carpet Is a Class Issue

I love all the signifiers in here that make it so clearly from a decade ago (which doesn't even feel that long ago!) The aversion to gold jewelry and American cars. The people who claim not to read Time and Newsweek. Kevin Costner! Wings!

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On 474 People in America Named Richard Rich

The oldest ancestor I can track was named Richard Rich, and he was living in Plymouth, Mass. right around the time of the Mayflower-ites. I wish this made me Richie Rich-level wealthy. Ancestry doesn't work that way, apparently!

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On The Simple Solution to a Last Minute Passport Snafu ($$$)

I did EXACTLY this, but on Christmas Eve and in the Atlanta passport office, after the gate agents for my flight to Cancun told me my passport was too damaged to get me there. The camaraderie in that office, especially on Christmas Eve, was palpable, and the employees were so INCREDIBLY nice-- they weren't even supposed to be working Christmas Eve, but they showed up to help out idiots like me who were in a bind. Hooray for government employees!

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On Making the Best of What I've Got

I go through these pangs of wanting to be closer to my family every single time I go back and visit them in South Carolina, and face the same realization that living there doesn't really fit the one thing I"m good at (writing about movies). I'm impressed that you were able to realize you could be far away. I'm still not there yet. And so much sympathy to you on the storage unit/flood disaster, and kudos for seeing the silver lining in it. Renter's insurance! That's probably a thing I ought to get too!

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On The Thing I Bought This Year with a Scary Price Tag

@aetataureate Oh no! In my defense, there are many, many more purchases my boyfriend tries to talk me into that I ignore-- he's generally more spendy than I am, so there's a constant back and forth. But it's also nice to have someone around to keep you from being a totally miserable cheapskate, right?

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On Get Your Landlord to Acknowledge That You're Moving

@MissMushkila I went to small claims court on my birthday this year to get my security deposit back too! It makes for a good story, at least.

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On Feel No Shame. Re-Wear Your Halloween Costume From Last Year

Last year I went as Liza Minnelli/Lucille #2 entirely because I found an awesome shiny shirt at Housing Works. I had such a good time I'm doing it again this year. All I need is a new set of fake eyelashes.

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On Why Does Barack Obama Email You So Much, And More (A Fundraiser Explains)

I would love an explanation of the crazy subject lines of the Obama e-mails. I talk about these with people all the time, and I think they use the weird, pseudo-casual subject lines because they get us to pay attention, even though they sound slightly insane. And even when we make jokes about them, we're talking about them!

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On Our Most Memorable Holiday Movie-Watching Experiences

I strongly object to the absence of Titanic in this piece. TITANIC + CHRISTMAS 4EVA.

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On Rich Getting Richer

I don't know if this is a really complicated question or a stupidly easy one, but I don't really understand why lowering interest rates on loans ALSO equals lowering the interest rate on my bank account. Because having less incentive to save doesn't seem like a good way to rescue the economy? Mainly I am also annoyed by the numbers in my ING account, Mike.

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