On When You Ask Me If I Can Spare a Dollar

somewhat unrelatedly, The Soloist is an underrated film, amiright?

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On I Spend a Lot of Time Thinking About Hair Removal What About You

Logan/commentors, help a pathetic lady out! I have the same issue and basically just tweeze and use various hair-removal creams, because no one ever taught me how to go to a salon, and now I'm scaaared. How much does waxing/threading hurt? How can I not look like moron when I go in the first time? Any recommended NYC salons for newbie dorks?

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On Generic Products I'll Never Waste Money on Again

@la_di_da Actually, I've found Suave dry shampoo to work better than the fancy brands. Never tried any of their other styling products, though.

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On Generic Products I'll Never Waste Money on Again

@megsy seconded! And never, ever Red Pack. Ugh.

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On Generic Products I'll Never Waste Money on Again

Also, I don't know why you people are messing around with Dayquil etc. when Mucinex exists and is a magic drug from the gods.

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On Generic Products I'll Never Waste Money on Again

The generic versions of Tampax "Pearl" tampons are usually fine - there's no way for a plastic applicator to fall apart, really (*knocks on wood*). They're not the cheapest generic in the store, but they're cheaper than actual Tampax Pearl. Also: PEANUT BUTTER. $6 or whatever for Skippy Super Chunk is WORTH IT.

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On Why I Belong to a Car Share Program

Really good point about the clothing costs! Comfy, durable shoes and outerwear are a must. As a subway commuter, I've also invested in an e-reader, which I definitely would not have bought otherwise, but 400-page hardcovers were starting to give me a back problems. Still, (relatively) small prices to pay for the freedom, convenience, free exercise and environmental friendliness of a car-free life.

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On Depression and Money, Some Real Talk

@sophia_h I think you're being kind of rough on Rod here. Based on my reading, he's not telling anyone else that their way of dealing with depression/anxiety is wrong, just explaining how he does it. If facing his feelings and using them as part of his art help him, good for him. It wouldn't work for everyone, but he's found a helpful system, which is really all that any of us are looking for, right?

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On The Quest for the Perfect Bag

Ok, so I have been on similar quest for years, and I may as well crowdsource it here. I can die happy when I own: A big bag With lots of pockets That is leather (or something else classy-ish/office-appropriate?) That also (and herein lies the rub) CONVERTS FROM A CROSS-BODY BAG TO A BACKPACK Yeah, I said it. Any recommendations? Bueller?

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On To Get a Flu Shot or Not (Some Reasons)

@Heckyes @RVA_TXN thanks guys! I'm on the hunt for FluMist today, even with the caveats in mind...

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