On Do You Hold Back on Buying Items You Want So People Can Give Them as Gifts?

I think I hold back on buying things for myself more now than I ever did. I don't really think it's because I am expecting gifts from someone. I think it's more due to the fact that it is funner to spend my money on my kids, especially my daughter. I need new bras sooooo badly but I hate bra shopping. I would much rather get a new outfit for my 5 year old!

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On Which Halloween Candy Is The Most Expensive?

I got not 1 but 2 giant bags of candy from Costco for around $14 each. Last year was the first year in this house and we had a ton of trick-or-treaters. I expect this year we will have even more because the weather is a lot nicer and it is Friday. I hope I have enough! Might have to stop at Costco on the way home and get another bag...

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On The Cost of Defrosting a Freezer

Ugh - what a pain in the ass chore! I think most newer models are frost free. I've never had to defrost the fridge/freezer in my house (it's a french door model with the freezer on bottom) or the fridge/freezer in my garage (10 year old side-by-side model). We also have two chest freezers in our garage that we've never had to defrost and we're in them all the time since we buy meat in bulk (usually a whole cow) and freeze it.

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On The Ethics of Only Selling Clothes for the Very Thin

@garli I used to shop there in the early 90's when I was just outgrowing the girls section and the other juniors clothes were still too big on me. Oh the days of not caring what I ate/drank. I think I lived on Coke and M&Ms and still only wore a size 0.

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On Things I Am Looking For in The Mid-Sized City of My Dreams

Have you looked into Helena, MT? I think the only thing on your list that isn't here is a true coastline but we have 3 decent sized lakes within 30 minutes. Helena is a pretty artsy town for having such a large government presence (state capital and all) and has a pretty large system of biking and hiking trails in both city parks and the trail system on the south edge of town. Rent here is decent and it's pretty easy to buy a house. Our house is around 2600 sq ft and has 4 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, living room, family room, and 2 car garage plus a 2 level deck and landscaped yard. We pay around $1500 for this. You could definitely find all on your checklist in terms of housing for way cheaper than that. Plus our winters aren't nearly as cold as the winters in the midwest. We get a decent amount of snow but then it usually melts within a week or two. I don't think I can remember a winter where we had snow on the ground the whole winter. Plus -- Skiiing!!!

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On Who's Taking Care of Your Baby?

@xtinamartinson I just had to reply because, although 2 and 3 year olds get a bad rap, they are even more lovable than the doughy baby cheeks, legs, and arms. Also they learn to say "I love you", which just melts this mama's heart! Love this time but also know the tantrums aren't as often as some people lead us to believe :)

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On More Thoughts on Shoes

I love the Busy Day Ballet Flats but how do you get to pay $35.05. Amazon wants to charge me $49.95. Is this one of those things where the prices changes based on an algorithm?

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On Baby Carrots, Evil or The Most Evil?

Oh I've been so spoiled this summer from the farmers' market. I've been buying real baby carrots from a local farmer and they are truly heaven. Now that the season is winding down, all the farmers are bringing the regular sized carrots and they are just not the same. I will buy a bag of baby carrots from time to time but again - just not the same.

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On Riding in Car Services With Boys

@Meaghano I'm insured through work and my daughter was insured the moment she was born. I had something like 31 days to prove she was born with a birth certificate or something. I find it weird that your son wasn't covered from birth. Is this an Obamacare thing?

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On Only Suckers Don't Buy Generic

I definitely buy more brand names than I would like to. About the only one I am super picky about is Q-tips. My hubby, on the other hand, insists on buying Bounty paper towels, Charmin TP, Heinz ketchup, name brand cereal, and so much more. He even pays more for name brand milk where I'm fine with the Costco brand or the store brand. I also only buy generic OTC and rX meds. The Kirkland (Costco) equivalent to Claritin is only around $12 for an entire year's worth of pills. I can't even get a month's worth for that if I bought real Claritin.

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