On I Spend a Lot of Time Thinking About Hair Removal What About You

I cannot endorse going into a spa and not telling them in advance what you want to get done.

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On I Need to Do Everything in My Power Not to Be Poor

I feel you on a lot of this. Not ALL of it, but a lot of it. The title stood out to me. I say that a lot. I am less leftist than I should be I guess because I just want to be comfortable sometimes.

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On WWYD: Slightly Overcharged

@melis this is my favourite thing ever. i just laughed for so long that my boyfriend came downstairs to ask what was up.

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On Talking About Race And Class Not Easy, But Not Impossible

The rappers are not yelling AT you "you ain't got money like this", you are yelling it ALONG with them. Just like when Taylor Swift says "I love him so" the listener is not her sympathetic friend, it is another girl in love who loves another boy so, as well. "Fuck the haters" is for you to yell along "Yeah, fuck my haters". It is not for you, as a listener and hater, to feel sorry.

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