On Splitting the Bill With My Sisters

I'm the oldest sibling and the only one gainfully employed (my siblings are in college) so on the rare occasions that we go out to eat without a parent in tow, I pay. If my parents are there, they pay 95% of the time. The meals that I do pay for tend to be more expensive, so I don't feel too bad, but I do wonder at what point I'm supposed to get more grabby with the check at intergenerational meals. My dad is always wrestling it away from his parents, but I don't know if that started after they retired or before.

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On The Business of Sitting on Airplanes

I once accidentally sat in a woman's seat, but I was off by a row because the labeling was unclear(so I was in 16C instead of 17C or whatever). Both of us were traveling alone and neither of the rows were exit rows or anything special, so I asked if she just wanted to keep the switched seats. She said okay and then glared at me for like fifteen minutes. They're equivalent! It was an accident and I apologized! Say it's not okay if it's not okay!

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On All the Internet I Need Is on My Smartphone

I didn't have internet at my home when I was doing my masters because my (terrible for other reasons, and kind of terrible for this reason too) roommates didn't want to pay for it. It was okay in the beginning because we could mooch a neighbor's wifi, but they eventually wised up and put a password on their network. By this point I was really busy with school so I basically lived in the computer lab soaking up all the internet I could. I also had unlimited data back then so I could do plenty of Netflix marathoning in bed after I got dumped. Now that I can afford it by myself I'm never going to live without internet at home again.

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On New Chart Lists Middle Class Income in Each State

I think when people are saying NJ is cheaper than NY, they're comparing it to NYC, not New York State as a whole. I'm willing to believe that upstate NY is cheaper than NJ, which is also cheaper than NYC, and that's how that math works out. Signed, an Upstate NYer obsessed with pointing out that there's a lot of NY that isn't the city.

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On Our Google Searches Reveal Our Financial Dreams

I think the Disney magic band thing is cool, but as of my most recent experiences with them (last spring and summer) there are enough kinks for things to not be as seamless as you want, and it was mildly frustrating. Like, in theory wearing your room key on your arm is great, especially when you want to go to the pool, but the arm twisting you have to do to get the band and the lock on the door to line up is kinda difficult/annoying. Also, if you're making your fast pass plus reservations day-of, you have to go to specific kiosks where things often weren't working properly. I think it'll be really cool eventually, but right now there are enough kinks to work out that it's not all the way there yet.

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On Talking With a CPA: Expectations vs. Reality

Instead of using your phone calculator to check your math, why not use Excel or Google docs or some other spreadsheet program? I find it a lot easier to check numbers when you can look at them all at once.

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On Talking to Millennial Homeowners Who Just Bought Their First Home

I'd love to see an article about how to find a good realtor. I hear a lot of people mentioning that they had a great or terrible realtor but I don't know how to determine which they'll be until you've already started. I assume the answer is get recommendations from friends, but what do you do when you're the friend leading the homebuying charge?

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On Why I'm Not a Homeowner

Hmm, this is making me wonder if part of the reason I'm so interested in buying a house is a desire to compensate for my lack of stability/ "adulthood"/whatever that I associate with having a partner. Like, do I want to prove that I'm a Real Grown-Up Adulthood despite lacking a partner by taking on another mantle of adulthood?

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On What About the Millennials Who Aren't Homeowners?

Most millennials I know aren't home owners because they're at a point in their education/career where they can't hope to guess where they'll end up. Of my college friend group, I think I'm the only one of us intending to purchase a home in the next year or so, and that's because I'm the only one with the right set of factors pushing me to settle where I am now. I'm finished with school and my relatively small non-coastal city happens to be a hub for my small engineering niche, so I've had multiple jobs in my field here. It's also a comfortable distance from family (1.5 hours) as well as being an affordable place to live. (Plus those aforementioned engineering jobs pay well enough to make it feasible to pay off student loans and save.) Most people I know (who, granted, are on the younger end of the millennial scale) are either still in school or still attempting to build their careers, so committing to a location isn't logical. The few who would choose to stay where they are are in big cities where buying a home wouldn't be feasible.

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On Valentine's/St. Cyril's Day Estimates!

I'm single so I'm not doing anything for Valentine's Day, but I did buy Galentine's cupcakes for me and my roommate yesterday (I think it was $5 for 4 cupcakes) and I made Galentine's cards for a bunch of friends. I had a bunch of craft supplies hanging around, so that was free, but I had to order special envelopes from Amazon, plus postage, so that'll probably be around $15 in total? And then this weekend I'm going to see my family for my sister's birthday, so I need to buy gas but that's probably it.

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