On Mom Says I Should Bring My Lunch to Save $ But I Don't Think I Would

i do a lazy person's bring lunch to work: buy lots of yogurt, fruit, granola bars that i can just grab, throw in a bag, absolutely no preparation involved. not the most exciting lunches, but good for when you don't have the energy to make a sandwich/salad/whatever (as easy as those are, those 20 minutes in the morning are precious!). even buying one of those microwave soup or frozen meal deals (trader joe's ones are pretty good!) only runs $2-4, and saves $ for important things, like beer.

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On Stay Home Next Week

@Weasley yup, movies and chinese food! it's in the torah, ya know

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On Things I Did And Did Not Do In Sephora Yesterday

@moreteawesley what are....indie perfumes? any good brands? #something i didn't know i needed but now i waaaant

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On Keep a Cool Attitude When Applying for Jobs

yeah, i have a great situation where I CAN do number 1: i have a receptionist job on Sundays where my boss told me all I have to do is man the phones (which ring about once every 3 hours) and feel free to work on job apps. of course, more often than not i spend my six hour shift catching up on new episodes of Louie and reading every.article. on the billfold instead of writing 2-3 unique sentences to add to a pretty standard cover letter.

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