On How Much Do You Pay Someone To Risk Their Life For You on Mt. Everest?

Whenever I hear a story about unnecessary deaths in an extreme sport environment it always leads me to wonder if we shouldn't restrict this sort of activity. It's known to be dangerous, it's already been done so there's no significant knowledge to be gained from it. Governments often restrict other dangerous recreational activities I always wonder why these sort of "physical challenge" risks fall into a separate category.

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On Making Money From a Kick in the Head

@OllyOlly At one point you needed to be a YouTube Partner and meet a bunch subscriber and view count criteria. Now it's open to everyone and I'm pretty sure you just need click enable monetization on the upload.

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On Alert: Terrible And Somehow Legal Private Student Loan Provision

Nothing about this system surprises me anymore. I assume this provision is designed to make sure that lenders get their claws on their portion of the co-signers estate but if they don't contact the borrower to collect then what's the point? This is actually pretty consistent with my experience of Sallie Mae. The most frustrating thing wasn't usually the debt, but the indifference with which it was handled. They can basically ruin your life with a few keystrokes but they're awfully cavalier about enforcing their own policies.

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On Making Money From a Kick in the Head

@ThatJenn Well otherwise all you've got is a head injury.

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On Making Money From a Kick in the Head

It'll depend on how quickly he monetized the video after it started blowing up. YouTube will also probably give him a CPM on the lower end since this video is probably a one-off.

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On What a Pulitzer Prize Will Buy You in 2014

@meatcute Too bad I only socialize with lazy liars otherwise I would gladly sell this guy one of my friends.

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On Going Without Health Insurance

As a relatively young person I've toyed with the idea of going uninsured. In fact I was briefly uninsured between leaving college and starting my first job (about four months in total before I was up for enrollment) but the idea makes me very nervous. There is a history of some serious illness in my family and that's always in the back of my mind, but even a broken bone could become a major expense without insurance. I remember turning down invitations to go hiking because I'm clumsy and might injure myself. It seems even more outrageous for a woman in her 50's not to be insured. As we get older preventive care becomes even more important and more expensive. Healthy eating isn't the answer to everything.

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On Introducing, Ester

This is a great addition to the team. I've always enjoyed your posts and I'm psyched to see you joining the Billfold on a more permanent basis. Welcome!

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On Banning Laptops, Making More Money

@EmilyAnomaly I do that too and I share none of your midwestern sensibilities.

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On Friday Estimate

I spent last weekend visiting friend's in Boston so i'm going to try to keep it low key this weekend. I'm meeting a friend for lunch tomorrow ($20) and then I'm going to try to catch up on some work. Sunday I'll have to do my usual round of grocery shopping which usually clocks in around $50-$55. The rest of the day will be devoted to transcribing an interview and hopefully making some non-terrible food. I've been slacking in that area lately. Total: $75-$80

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