On Do You Venmo?

I am over 40 and I Venmo! After having a hideous experience with fraud on my PayPal account, I was looking for an easy way to settle up with friends. I tried to make Dwolla a thing, but it seemed to be too early in the alternative payments arena. Now all the kids are using Venmo, so I am using Venmo! It still makes no sense to me why anyone would want their payment info public (that "public" feed?? WHY?), but as long as there is a private option, I'm ok.

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On The Medical Billing Snafu

I also had a huge bill for lab bloodwork - just over $1,700. Got the first EOB from the insurance company and totally freaked out because it didn't look like they were covering anything. Then I just waited for a bill from the lab and when it finally arrived, it came out to be around $150 in the end. While I would not ignore a bill from the actual lab, I would also try and stay calm until you get it. Also, I would much rather my tests went to the "good lab" - scary that there is a distinction!

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On Lots of Mattresses on Lots of Floors, And a Bunk Bed That Smelled Like Italian Food (New Yorrrrrkkkkkk!)

If I had to move that many times, after such small amounts of time, I just don't even know what I would do. Cry, a lot, probably. I've lived in 5 places my whole life, never mind just between 19 - 25. Although, I guess this is a great way to not accumulate all the crap I have after 15 years in one apartment!

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On How Much Do You Spend on Transportation Each Month?

I have an unlimited Metrocard ($112) and PATH card ($68) paid for with pre-tax dollars. The late night cabs probably add about $50 per month, so my total would be about $230. From everything I've read above, I am so happy I do not need to own a car!!

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On I Spend a Lot of Time Thinking About Hair Removal What About You

I love this conversation! I've done it all over the years as well. Lasering, while helpful in thinning out my bikini area, was not even close to a permanent cure for my face after literally YEARS of sessions. (Had a crazy insurance plan that paid for it all, thankfully!) Plus, having to shave my face between laser appointments just sucked. Nothing is worse for a lady than shaving her face. So demoralizing! The one thing that helped with my lip/chin hair was electrolysis from Lucy Peters. Look them up, it is the ONLY electrolysis that works!! If I had the money, I would be there once a week getting pretty much everything beyond eyebrows removed. My friends are aware that should I ever be hospitalized, they need to show up with tweezers! Recently, I decided to start waxing my lower legs (I already wax the bikini) and it has turned into a full on war between me and the ingrowns. Ugh.

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On What'd You Spend On Your Bed? Like $200? Does That Sound Right?

Think about the time you spend on your bed and how important that time is. Then re-evaluate and spend as much as you possibly can on a mattress. It is just not an area where you want to cheap out, because sleeping on a bad mattress is terrible! Getting good sleep is important! That disclaimer done, I went to Macy's and spent a lot (1,200) on a firm mattress with a foam memory pillow top. (They put it in my bedroom and took the old one out!) It is wonderful and I sleep like a rock. If you can't get a good mattress, a good memory foam topper will help. A feather bed will also help, but will cost more for a good one. The whole mattress industry is suspect, every store has their own brands so you can't comparison shop by name, but you can narrow it down by the type a bit. Try Macy's, I have had good luck there, especially with sales!

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On Monday Check In: A Wedding Upstate

@Mike Dang Was the $500 budgeted? And if so, how did the changes in spending along the way come into play?

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On Paying for Atmosphere, And Taking an Insta to Remember It By

It has probably been said already, Mike Dang has got to be one of the most sensible people on the whole earth.

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On My Flight Booking Secret

@redheaded&crazy I had heard this same thing, and was obsessive about clearing my cache & cookies when trying to book tickets to Africa. No way to tell if it helped, but I felt better doing it.

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On Who Needs Grocery Stores? (I Do)

I used to buy everything at Pathmark, but then realized I was eating processed junk all the time. Now I shop at 4/5 different stores because I'm just more particular about what I want and at what prices. Quinoa from Costco, TP from Target, fruit & vegetables from Whole Foods and special stuff from farmer's markets and health food stores.

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