On Tuesday Check-in

Friday: Met up with my boyfriend for the last Jazz in the Sculpture Garden of the summer, got us a pitcher of Sangria ($19). Went back to his place and got delivery from Pete’s Apizza (he paid). Saturday: Got a breakfast at Tynan in Columbia Heights ($5), had my last bike maintenance class and got lunch at Taylor Gourmet ($7). Went to the Corcoran to see the “Aliens’ Guide to the Ruins of D.C.” exhibit (cool concept but rather underwhelming, but it happened to be on one of the Corcoran’s “free summer saturdays,” which was awesome). Ended the day with a double date with my boyfriend’s college roommate at Kotobuki ($34). Sunday: Got breakfast at Pumpernickel’s, the bagel shop near my apartment ($3). Went on a super hilly 30-mile bike ride with a friend, stopped at a gas station for an extra bottle of water on the way ($1). Went to a friend’s BBQ, to which I contributed some beer, chips and sausages ($18). Monday: Got breakfast for me and my boyfriend at Pumpernickel’s ($9) and had a super lazy day, which was only punctuated by going to Chipotle for lunch (boyfriend paid) and getting groceries plus some toiletries at Whole Foods ($46). Total: $142 -- not bad!

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On Monday Check-in

Friday: Went to a friend’s house party to watch him kick ass on Jeopardy! (free, paid for with his super impressive winnings) Saturday: Got donuts at Heller’s with my boyfriend ($7), went to a training to be an escort for the Washington Area Clinic Defense Task Force and then got lunch at District Taco ($10). Spent the night in trying and failing to make headway on my law school application personal statement. Sunday: Took the Metro out to Largo ($20 to refill SmartTrip) to go on a group bike ride to Annapolis. Our ride was interrupted about 10 miles out by unexpected road blockages, though, so we got lunch at a bland Italian chain in Bowie ($18) and then some of us continued on back into DC. Rewarded myself with a cold bottle of water at Union Station ($1) and delivery pizza when I got home ($15). Total: $71

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On How I'm Going to Law School for Free

This is so relevant to my current interests and extremely helpful. Thanks so much for writing it. Out of curiosity, what type of law are you planning on doing after you graduate?

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On Monday Check-in

Friday: Stayed in researching law schools, paid for my LSAC candidate accreditation service so I can actually submit applications and transcripts ($160, so it begins...) Saturday: Met up with my boyfriend for lunch at Tacklebox ($19) and then we went to the National Portrait Gallery (free, really fun Nam June Paik exhibit) and got dinner at the Hill Country pop-up by the Building Museum ($21) Sunday: Got breakfast with my boyfriend at Heller’s ($7) and then did grocery shopping ($25) Total = $232

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On Open Thread

@cjm Thanks so much for the advice -- it's super useful and much appreciated! I'm really lucky in that I don't have any undergraduate loans, but I am pretty debt-averse so scholarships will definitely be a major factor. Given my LSAT score and GPA, it looks like I've got a pretty solid shot at the top three schools. Those don't seem to do merit-based aid but they do seem to have good need-based aid and LRAPs plus really good post-graduation employment stats. So with the possible exception of those three, I would definitely be needing significant scholarship money and strong employment prospects to make it worthwhile. I think you're right about doing public interest stuff on a pro bono basis rather than as a primary focus. And I think your recommendation about talking to as many attorneys is also an excellent idea!

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On Open Thread

@joyballz Not sure yet -- I kinda hadn't let myself really think about it until I got my LSAT results. My job right now is related to the energy industry and I find the legal cases in that area pretty interesting, so I could definitely see myself working in energy law. But I also think I might want to do something more oriented towards public interest stuff...

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On Open Thread

Sooooo… I am very aware that the general consensus on law school these days is that it’s a terrible idea. But I’ve always been really fascinated by legal stuff and find logic problems really fun, so I decided to the LSAT last month with the general mindset of ‘Let’s see how I do — if I get a score high enough that I’d be a strong contender for top schools, then it might be worth actually applying.’ Got my results this week, and it looks like I’m going to be filling out some applications — and I’m actually really excited about it! And it seems like there is a possibility that I might be able to get some scholarship money, which would be awesome…

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On Open Thread

@Blondsak @sherlock: I'll be slogging away on Friday, too! i went to the fireworks on the Mall a few years ago -- fun, probably worth doing at least once, but I did end up walking back to Georgetown...

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On Growing Pains in Washington D.C.

@Alex Rereading that cover story now, it's really so good! I'm curious to see how bike issues will get treated once the mayoral race starts heating up, especially with Wells running...

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On Growing Pains in Washington D.C.

@stuffisthings That's sort of what I'm trying to say -- it seems to be leaning a bit heavily on the lazy "dog parks and bike lanes" rhetoric that often pops up in local politics. I focused on bike lanes because they're something I use everyday and I really don't think it makes sense to include them in a list of "yuppie amenities" given the economics of transportation in DC. But yeah, you're right, dog parks and increased commercial development also don't solely benefit any specific class.

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