On Some Small Things Are Worth Paying For

@seaermine Whaaaaat that sounds incredible. I don't know, an IUD scares me a little (people shoving metal things up my vagina! agh!) but I suppose it is lightyears more affordable in the end than pills.

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On Some Small Things Are Worth Paying For

@josefinastrummer As one of those people with the tip jar, I can tell you it was often the high part of my day when someone dropped in a whole dollar versus change, so thank you.

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On Some Small Things Are Worth Paying For

@iffie I should probably be an adult and look at that thing for once, yeah.

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On Some Small Things Are Worth Paying For

Ooo! College student edition: My life is too short for: Fast food Starbucks coffee beans Cheap shampoo Not getting facials produce from grocery chains that are not Trader Joe's fake leather anything cheap sheets short showers Life is too long for: first-hand textbooks frappucinos birth control pills (isn't this sad and really horrifying?) manicures @cinderellen, right there with you tattoos spontaneous online clothes shopping

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On Wedding Costs from the Dude's Perspective

This became 20x more hilarious after reading "Santa Barbara" if only because I now live in Isla Vista and the idea of anything classy or glamorous here would give anyone a giggling fit.

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On A Money-Challenged Person Advises a Young Person How to Avoid Being Money Challenged (Ha)

Thank you so much! I was the one who asked. (And thanks for the helpful comments.)

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On Let’s All Throw Some Money at Our Problems: September Check-In

I'm starting college and getting my first credit card and I am TERRIFIED. Any tips? (Yes, I know, pay off your bill every time as fas as possible.)

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On The Ballad of Fundsies

I always assumed the name had to do with your sister sites--like there was a theme of tools? Hairpin, Awl, Wirecutter, Billfold...

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On I Cleaned Urine at NASA (And It Was Fun)

@mathison Oh no no no! I don't mean to imply it is ANYthing to do with gender stereotypes or some such thing. I was actually very steadily encouraged by my parents (especially my father) to pursue a career in science, or really any field that would be interesting to me. It's really just that the steady encouragement plus the combination of science-heavy classes I took in school made it clear science is not my forte and I don't have the brain for it. I suppose I just phrased it wrongly in the article.

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