On The Tanda System

Wow. Wow! I loved this. I'm so interested in the idea of Tanda, and also with reading "Just something that got me—a person who equates financial stability with freedom, with possibility, with essential self-reliance—where he knew it would count. " over and over again until it stops making my ears ring with recognition.

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On Sean Parker Defends His Wedding

@stuffisthings Why is this still true? It is my least favorite thing. Mike/Logan, do you know??

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On Why Don't I Give Money to Poor People?

@Megano yes yes yes- Something about the vulnerability of people who are begging makes me feel incredibly vulnerable (on top of my normal height/strength related vulnerability). I wish, desperately, that it weren't so, because I too am ashamed. I feel a lot of the things this author does- I wouldn't notice the difference if 2 or 5 dollars is gone, so why shouldn't I give it away? But doing so feels incredibly scary to me sometimes.

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On Renata Adler on Charitable Giving and Young Folk

@EM ....tell me more about all of the 20-somethings in Canada who volunteer?!?! This is....not a thing in my community, much to my frustration.

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On Ending Wedding Gifts

please do not give me a crockpot when i graduate next year, there is a 90% chance I will have no idea where I am going to live or where I would keep said crockpot...

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On Elizabeth Warren Continues to Kill It

WHY isn't this already the law???

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On A Car Passed Down, A Father Pays it Forward

@iffie my '87 740 and i totally agree.

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On Marrying Up But Not Giving Up

"It’s about giving them whatever you have to give." could sum up everything my father ever taught me, especially about money. so valuable to learn.

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