On I Rent My Apartment Out for $200 a Night, And I Feel Great About It

I'm SO ANGRY with this person I'm seeing stars. Holy shit. I think I'm going to have a heart attack.

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On Who Needs Grocery Stores? (I Do)

The more interesting nugget of this report is that bit about brand loyalty. While I've noticed that many of my peers don't particularly care what brand of a food product they buy, you will have a hard finding the same kind of brand egalitarianism in, say, consumer electronics. But I live in the Bay Area so YMMV.

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On What We Want to Buy

I bought a new car last year. New to me and new new. It's a Honda Fit. I had just moved from San Francisco to Oakland and from a multi-roommate apartment to an apartment with my boyfriend. I had a Smart car (one of those tiny two things that looks like a shoe, we called it "the clown car") that had been practical in my compact neighborhood where I lived as a single person and was now impractical in my huge, diffuse neighborhood and my 3 cat+boyfriend life. I didn't do this with my (nonexistent) Millennial money, though, as I was unemployed. A few years prior my mom had invested in a seriously shady-sounding ATM sales business and bought 3 ATMs. Each ATM pays out $330 a month. When I graduated college, she "gave" me an ATM. My car payment is $299 a month. Without that I would have sold the Smart car and would probably be getting around solely on my bicycle. I suspect it will be up to the Boomers to pull us out of the recession they put us in.

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