On Adventures in Tooth Care Adventurous/Terrible/Expensive, Even With Insurance

For those needing dental insurance try Safeguard by Metlife. No limits like Cigna/Aetna have and a mouth guard is only 178.00 approx. You get like 50% off everything except implants and 25% off specialists and other items not listed in the booklet.

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On How to Get Health Care While Uninsured

Dilemma here: Have no insurance but pre-existing conditions so signed up with the govt. plan PCIP for 270.00 month. Has 2,000 deductible which has to be paid before getting any care other than a routine physical. I've been having these weird chest pains/quick stabs but no other symptoms. I feel great. I got the insurance out of FEAR it may be my heart. I've had high cholestrol/triglycerides untreated for 17 yrs. Do I do the insurance even though I will have to again meet the deductible again after Jan? I will still get some discounts for docs etc, allowable something or other, forget name, but it still might cost a ton. Should I continue with this insurance or try something else? How expensive are EKG's? Sent my first premium check in today and was torn on if I should even do that but it's now on it's way and not sure they will even send it back or cancel my coverage. Coverage doesn't start until Sept. 1st. Don't mind taking chances but what if I were in a terrible car accident and air lifted and ended up with 100,000 medical bill? So scary to be without insurance. You guys in Australia? How long must you be a resident to get affordable medical care there? I'm tempted!

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