On It's Magic! How to Buy 3 Pairs of Gloves and Make 2 Disappear

There is nothing wrong with mitten strings. A girl I worked with a few years ago had hers on a string and everyone who saw it was like, that's a great idea!

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On The Ups and Many Downs of Becoming a Landlord

@redheaded&crazy My roommate's parents owned the apartment we lived in for a year and a half, until they (very religious) decided that they did not like what she was getting up to living downtown (dating a boy) so they sold the place so she had to move home and I scrambled to find a new place to live in like three weeks.

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On The Ups and Many Downs of Becoming a Landlord

@Megano! People actually do that! My dad's cousin does renos and some guy bought two neighbouring condos downtown and got him to combine them and make them all fancy.

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On Cheap Eats: Forget Kraft Macaroni & Cheese, and Make Your Own

@Koko Goldstein Oh my god, crushed potato chips on mac and cheese? I have to try that, I've only ever done bread crumbs.

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On Getting Your Stolen Bike Back

My bike disappeared from the post I locked it up to outside my work. I assumed it had been stolen by, you know, bike thieves, but one of my coworkers mentioned that she had seen the city on the street picking up (presumably abandoned) bikes. So after four days of stupid phone calls, they let me come up to their yard and there was my bike! Minus the $60 lock I had bought a week before, but whatever, I got it back. (There was another blue bike on the same post that was clearly abandoned - twisted/rusted wheels, fliers from three months ago stuck in the spokes - that they might have been sent to pick up, but that one is still out there.)

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On What Do Your Groceries Say About You?

Once the bananas are too brown to eat, they are perfect for banana bread or muffins or probably pancakes, too.

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On Reader Mail: How Much Should I Be Earning After Graduation?

I got my first library job post-MLIS in 2008, just before the recession, at $45,000. But I had to move from Montreal to small-town Alberta. I'm now in Toronto making... less than that, despite the fact that I now have 3+ years library and management experience. But I want to be here so it's worth it for now. You can make a real salary if you're willing to leave but in the major cities it is harder. (Especially because the big cities have the library schools, so there is a steady supply of people willing to work for not much just to get experience.)

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On My Last Hundred Bucks: Yoga Class, Mother's Day Gift, and a Shower Curtain

Shower curtains are weirdly expensive! I had to get a new one last weekend and even at Zellers they are ~$20.

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