On How Much Can Dog Walkers Make? How About $120,000/Year

i’ve been a full time dog walker in the boston/newton area for quite awhile and i’m lucky to clear $25k without side gigs to supplement. i’ve gotten paid per walk (usually 50% of the cost of the walk) as well as hourly at different companies, and can say with some certainty that it’s near impossible to make anywhere close to six figures if you’re managing a safe amount of dogs at once (whether on leash or off) and working anything resembling a regular schedule. company owners are a different story though!

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On Why We Live Where We Live

I live in Boston because I moved here for college and my then-boyfriend six years ago and just ended up sticking around because I love this city. I found a job and career path that fulfilled me, and until it gets too cost-prohibitive, I’ll stay where I am. My dream is to live in the woods on a lake but my job requires me to be near people and their dogs.

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On My Hopeless Love Affair With Craigslist

@moreadventurous i scoured CL for probably a year for a lift-top coffee table that wasn’t that awful light brown color with giant round corners. i had almost given up, but was feeling lucky one day and came across a $50 lift-top table in the exact shade of wood that the rest of our living room furniture is. NEVER STOP BELIEVING

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On Why We Are Moving To Canada This Week

i don’t know how or why, but i live in MA and work two part-ish time jobs plus freelance, and my insurance costs me $78/mo. it’s beautiful.

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On The Cable Cabal

both my boyfriend and i are complete tv/film nerds (we met in film school) so we pay a lot of money to have pretty much every channel, including the sports packages. we also have amazon prime and netflix, and now the wwe network. i always justify our exorbitant entertainment habits as our "only" extravagant expense, but really i just can’t imagine life without endless hours of reality tv. also we don’t go out much.

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On What DON'T We Want Sent to Us Monthly in a Box?

i was really sincerely hoping this was tagged with “what’s in the box?!?!?!?!?!” but alas :(

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On Going Without Health Insurance

I had great private insurance through my dad’s job up through college, until he was laid off a year after I graduated. My mom is self-employed and I work two part-time jobs along with some freelancing, so I went a year without insurance. I was paying for medications out of pocket and ignoring minor illnesses, until I injured my shoulder and had a nervous breakdown about the hypothetical costs of tests/treatment without insurance since my work is extremely physical. I applied on the online exchange the next day, waited 8 weeks to hear back, and now I have full coverage, low/no copays, a minimal deductible, and I pay $78 a month. Massachusetts is doing something right.

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On Friday Estimate

I have to get gas this morning ($35) and then I’m working all day tomorrow. I owe a coworker lunch for spotting me last weekend when I didn’t have cash ($7) and will probably grab beer on the way home because a friend is visiting from NYC for the night ($15). Sunday I’m not sure what we’ll do but I’ll guess $20ish for maybe brunch or something. Round up to $80?

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On Perhaps This Purchase Will Make Me Into a Better Person

purchases that have recently made me a Better Person: -new sheet/comforter set: when my bed looks good made, i’m incentivized to make it daily, which leads to general tidying of the whole bedroom -electric kettle: drinking tea instead of soda -set of drawers to put in closet: more room in dresser drawers means i fold things properly to fit -space bags: finally compressed and stored extra blankets/towels/pillows which freed up tons of space in the hallway closet, so things don’t fly out when i open the door like a cartoon

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On Friday Estimate

i’ve been on an incredibly limited work schedule since before the holidays, and therefore made next to no money for two weeks. luckily clients were generous with their tips so i made it through the month with all my bills getting paid, but have very little cash left over. i might buy some dinner tonight instead of eating beef stew AGAIN (i love making soup but don’t love eating it for every meal for a week) and will be working all weekend (buying lunch at work?) then tomorrow night starts a two-week dogsitting gig which will make me a ton of money and won’t leave me any time to spend it. i’ll estimate $20 for the weekend.

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