On Going Without Health Insurance

I had great private insurance through my dad’s job up through college, until he was laid off a year after I graduated. My mom is self-employed and I work two part-time jobs along with some freelancing, so I went a year without insurance. I was paying for medications out of pocket and ignoring minor illnesses, until I injured my shoulder and had a nervous breakdown about the hypothetical costs of tests/treatment without insurance since my work is extremely physical. I applied on the online exchange the next day, waited 8 weeks to hear back, and now I have full coverage, low/no copays, a minimal deductible, and I pay $78 a month. Massachusetts is doing something right.

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On Friday Estimate

I have to get gas this morning ($35) and then I’m working all day tomorrow. I owe a coworker lunch for spotting me last weekend when I didn’t have cash ($7) and will probably grab beer on the way home because a friend is visiting from NYC for the night ($15). Sunday I’m not sure what we’ll do but I’ll guess $20ish for maybe brunch or something. Round up to $80?

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On Perhaps This Purchase Will Make Me Into a Better Person

purchases that have recently made me a Better Person: -new sheet/comforter set: when my bed looks good made, i’m incentivized to make it daily, which leads to general tidying of the whole bedroom -electric kettle: drinking tea instead of soda -set of drawers to put in closet: more room in dresser drawers means i fold things properly to fit -space bags: finally compressed and stored extra blankets/towels/pillows which freed up tons of space in the hallway closet, so things don’t fly out when i open the door like a cartoon

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On Friday Estimate

i’ve been on an incredibly limited work schedule since before the holidays, and therefore made next to no money for two weeks. luckily clients were generous with their tips so i made it through the month with all my bills getting paid, but have very little cash left over. i might buy some dinner tonight instead of eating beef stew AGAIN (i love making soup but don’t love eating it for every meal for a week) and will be working all weekend (buying lunch at work?) then tomorrow night starts a two-week dogsitting gig which will make me a ton of money and won’t leave me any time to spend it. i’ll estimate $20 for the weekend.

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On Friday Estimate

@samburger congratulations!!

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On Friday Estimate

@Stina I actually work for a pet care company, so I do have some cat/small animal visits throughout the week, but not enough to make up for my usual income from dogs :/ luckily some of my clients are very generous with Christmas tips!

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On Friday Estimate

Friday: buying a few last xmas presents ($50ish) and a haircut later tonight ($60 with tip) Saturday: working all day then couching all night ($0) Sunday: working an extra shift to make up for being off most of next week ($0) luckily those presents will be bought with gift cards so actual money spent should be $60. it’s really stressful having such little work around the holidays because everyone is home to walk their own dog :(

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On Taking a Pay Cut

@amyfrances thanks! It's definitely not a job I'd recommend to just anyone... It's a LOT of physical work and very stressful when you have poorly trained dogs. I'm lucky enough to have a ton of resources available to me through my other job at the store, including an excellent trainer who allowed me to study with her for a year, leaving me much more equipped to deal with difficult doggies. Having said all that, if you're really considering being a dog walker, I highly suggest finding a good reputable company to work for so you don't have to worry about all the admin work and taxes. And don't let yourself be employed as an independent contractor if you work for a company, because from what I've researched, that's technically illegal.

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On Taking a Pay Cut

I sort of did this after college... I was working part time for a medical staffing agency at a position I thought would be temporary, but when I graduated I was offered a permanent position with a move up to almost full-time hours with PTO and health insurance. Instead, I quit and became a dogwalker and upped my hours at my other part-time job at a pet store. I work almost every day of the week in some form and don’t get any sort of benefits from either job, but I love what I do and I make enough to live comfortably in the lifestyle I pictured post-college. Being a compliance assistant for a corporate agency made me want to stab pens in my eyes every day that I had to sit at that desk, but for over two years now I’ve been excited for work every day (except when it’s snowing. boston snow can suck it)

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On Monday Check-in

I overestimated and underspent for once! My prescription was only $30 (like it is every month but I always seem to forget) I only put $20 of gas in my car to get me through until the next payday Mailing a package was only $3, and it got to its destination in less than 24 hours. I was beyond impressed.

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