On Should I Take This Low-paying Job in This Tough-to-break-in Field?

Don't forget the option of leaving New York! Among my social circle, that always made life easier.

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On When One Person Earns More Than the Other in a Relationship

@The Mole I can imagine it being awfully difficult to invest in "the team" though when one team member thinks you're a chump for working so much, yet takes full advantage of the lifestyle benefits it provides them.

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On MIT's Living Wage Calculator

Child care is $0 because the numbers are based on a single earner, so one parent would be at home.

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On Figuring Out a Career While Being Married to an Academic

You sound like you’re really on top of things and have great financial values Brooke! Keep up the great work!

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On Earning 315,000 Credit Card Points in Less Than a Year

Does anyone know of any cards out there that give significant rewards for things other than travel? I mostly just spend money on necessities, so I use a Discover card which gives a tiny-percentage cashback bonus; it can be exchanged for added-value gift cards but the only national company I tend to buy things through is Amazon…

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On When There Are Different Points of Views About Money in a Relationship

@squishycat It's the economic equivalent of buying the (overpriced) furniture on credit and paying interest on it. Unless you're lacking anywhere to sleep or sit, I would always consider that a bad idea.

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On When There Are Different Points of Views About Money in a Relationship

No one who has debt should buy expensive furniture. This is not something that requires discussion.

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On Student Loan Debt: Bad for the Economy

I worry about living in a world where if people aren’t always buying MORE MORE MORE the whole system is in danger of collapse. I actually think it’s great, for environmental and philosophical reasons, for people to live on less (though I wish they didn’t have to do it because they’re saddled with freedom-killing debts). Isn’t it twisted that this is considered a problem?

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On Your Money, Your Morals: When Should You Boycott a Publication?

Maybe nagging would be a better option for products you aren’t willing to give up? Writing to them to say, “I love your product for x and y reasons, but this z thing is a huge problem for me to support; how are you addressing it?” Meat is the only thing I have 100% given up for moral reasons. Other things, I have instead dramatically reduced my consumption of. I still buy cheap clothes (probably from sweatshops) but only maybe four items per year. I buy some food at Trader Joe’s rather than my local co-op for cost reasons, but most of my money does go to local stores. I own a car and use it sometimes, but bike whenever reasonable.

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On Slashing Our Grocery Bills and Cooking on a Budget

I don't think that's obnoxious; it's spending money according to your values! Doing stuff like cooking dried beans helps save money for quality ingredients. Choosing cheaper fruits and vegetables, like apples over berries and carrots over red peppers, helps too. I don't eat meat, but only eat dairy from local, humanely raised cows, and I afford that by eating much less of it than I would if it were cheaper.

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