Monday Check-in

Good morning! Today is President’s Day so we’ll be cutting out early, but let’s check in.

I spent the majority of the weekend house/cat sitting for a friend in Brooklyn, while minding my ankle injury (which has been healing). Ester came over on Friday afternoon and we ordered takeout ($13). On Saturday, I hobbled down the street for coffee ($3), ordered takeout ($25), and watched a depressing HBO documentary in the evening. Logan came over on Sunday morning with egg & cheese bagels, and we ate them while catching up and watching YouTube clips. No estimate; I spent $41.

And how were your weekends?

Photo: woodleywonderworks

Friday Estimate

But what about you? What are your estimates?

Retirement Leakage

Sometimes you’ve got to tap into your savings.

Dessert Economics

Growing up, my family rarely went out to dinner due to financial constraints, and if we did for a special occasion, we never ordered dessert. My father believed desserts were a waste of money, and my mother didn’t have much of a sweet tooth.

Working According to Our Circadian Rhythms

Here’s my ideal work schedule: Wake up at 6:30 a.m., and start reading the news while having a cup of coffee.

Monday Check-in

Good morning! Let’s check in.

Friday Estimate

What are your estimates?

Asking Companies for Recompense

It never hurts to ask.

Buying a Soundtrack From 2000 in 2015

Our pal, Adam Freelander, whom you may know from his movie coverage for our site in the past, has been guest-editing this week while Nicole is away on a cruise. Adam tried to help acquire some music yesterday.