By BillfoldMonkey on Monday Check-in

@Allison @Mike Dang !!!!! You are lucky nobody's bedclothes were set on fire.

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By MeghanNesmith on A Father-Daughter Duo Answers Your Questions: Should We Use Our Money to See the World Now, Or Save for the Future?

@honey cowl YUP. I'm worried, too. What I appreciate about the Billfold is that they welcome the uneducated, like me, and speak to us in a way that isn't condescending. And that when I admit to not knowing, Mike offers to explain in words I understand :)

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By samburger on The People Who Can't Pay Their Student Loans 10 Years After Graduating

@jquick You can't just study stems you have to study the whole plant I think

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By DarlingMagpie on How Much Is a Diet Coke Worth?

@Adouble You know, it is possible to integrate mothers into regular day to day life, i.e. on the Billfold, instead of segretating them to mommy communities because god forbid they mention the fact that they are raising a child and shall now be dubbed MOMMY BLOGGER. This post was hilarious for anybody ever in the thrall of diet coke.

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By Allison on Paying for Dinner

You mean the polite thing isn't to literally tear the receipt while fighting("fighting") with a friend over it and scampering to where you pay? Granted that was on a trip where we took turns paying for things, but it basically became a race for the check. I have had folks I've hosted leave a grocery store or target gift card which I never expect but are very difficult to give back, especially if you don't see it until they've left.

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By wrappedupinbooks on The State With the Highest Minimum Wage Is Outpacing U.S. Job Growth

@garysixpack no one is saying that the minimum wage caused the employment rate to rise. They're just saying that in a state with a high minimum wage the employment rate didn't fall.

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By Bill Fostex on Listicles, Copy, Content, and Essays: How a Freelance Writer Makes a Living

@Mike Dang Logan gives me a handful of jelly beans (blacks and greens removed) for each post I write.

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By CaddyFdot on Why Women Should Watch The Good Wife

I have not (YET) watched this show, but I do have a comment about apologizing! I have a coworker who is constantly apologizing for things, and it made me realize there is a certain point where it turns into that person's way of demanding you reassure and soothe their insecurities rather than because a Thing Happened that needs an apology. That's the point where NOT apologizing so much makes you more likable! Are you apologizing because there's something specific you need to apologize for, or are you apologizing to assuage your own general anxiety?

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By Dinosaur_Senior on Poverty in America

Mike, I just set up a recurring payment to the coalition for the homeless in my nieces' honor. Thanks for the link. Made it EASY!

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By EDaily on Harper's Goes Long on the Fast Food Strikes

@jquick Anecdotal evidence is not data. One in five fast food workers are living in poverty. How easy is it to move to Texas, or Alaska, or North Dakota when you can barely afford to buy groceries?

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